Monday, February 14, 2011

Advertising Betwen Elections

Okay, so Rick Mercer seems a little choked up that the Tories can afford to buy advertising between elections, and on prime time television no less. I suppose that begs the question, should we allow political advertising in a non-election period? Is it unfair that the Conservative donor base continues to donate money to the party while the Liberal base dwindles? Personally I don't care and have never cared about the timing of political ads. While I don't watch the CBC as much as I used to, I can say that hundreds of ads have been purchased on CTV newsworld. These ads are helping pay the salaries of Taber, Oliver, and friends.

My motto used to be "watching the CBC so you don't have to", but really their news channel has become unwatchable. I'll watch snippets of the Soloman Show, At Issue, and some O'Leary, but I'm out on the rest of it. CTV has its problems, but at least they go straight news more often. CBC has become too cute with its documentaries and specialty programming.


  1. I don't know about other Provinces but here in Ontario every Government website and advertisement says "The McGuinty Government" or "The Liberal Government". Years ago it was the Harris Government but that was the libs and dippers calling it that. The PCs always used "The Ontario Government" or "Your Ontario Government" on advertising or Government literature. Come to think of it federally the advertisements and websites indicate "Canadian Government" or "Government of Canada". Don't think you can find a Harper Government anywhere unless it is on opposition websites or mailers. So what is the moral of the story......

  2. What a spin, he is trying. When we get nothing but pro Liberal indoctrination year round from the CBC, CTV and the printed media, he has the nerve to complain about political ads presented as political ads and not the news.

  3. Rick Mercer... Never heard of the guy.
    Is he some kind of comedian like Robert Fife?

  4. Alain is absolutely right. We are bombarded all the time with Liberal political ads masquerading at news by the MSM. It is so laughably transparent that I really do wonder how anyone watch it.