Friday, February 25, 2011

Harper Akbar!!!

Bob Rae, what a class act. While Liberals scream bloody murder over "Ignatieff is back in Canada" commercials, decrying the incivility of it all; now sure enough here comes Rae to claim that Stephen Harper is trying to subvert our democracy by appointing a bunch of "25 year old Jihadists" to government jobs. Julian Fantino compared the Liberal media strategy with Joseph Goebbels, and the Libs were furious. It's not as though he compared the "young Liberals" to the Hitler youth, but still the sanctimonious "how dare you" was echoed in the media.

Now we have Bob Rae comparing government workers to nutjobs who strap explosives to children with the aim of blowing up buses and discos. That's classy Bobby. What about Blogging Tories, are we Jihadis too? While I do not consider myself to part of a holy war, I do think Stephen Harper is great. Harper Akbar! Harper Akbar! Harper Akbar!

There, are you happy now?


  1. What are we at BT's? Ahh haa, I remember well what ALL of us that were outraged over the attempted takeover by the sleazy coalition were called by none other than classy Rae.
    We were called "Astro turf"

    That Bob Rae is one mealy mouthed elderly elitist brat!

  2. Bob Rae has lost it, he's cashed in any credibility he ever had.

    He thinks he's funny too with that little smirk, that's good, he's enjoying his slide into mediocrity.

  3. And this is the man that "thinks" he deserves to be Prime Minister!! Can you imagine the Press Conference that would be called if any Conservative ever said this? Can't you just picture Oliver - Tabor and Travers and their comments - but the media will try and cover this one up!. Let's keep it alive and show just what Bob is really about -

  4. They dug out the LIBERAL LOVER Elections Canada group again to try and change the channel on Rae's jihadis slanderous comments.

    Layton saying the Canadian Govt. is more interested in making money off of the Canadians then rescuing them from Libya.

    These dirt bags in the Coalition want to be the Goverment?

    Lots of dirt sitting in the CBC Vault.

  5. Bob comes from the party of outrage and always over the top.
    In all sincerity, the Liberals are earning NDP numbers.

    Elections Canada is just too obviously in the bag for the LPC,
    lay charges now when they LOST the court case and are in the process of appeal.
    That's gotta make afew decent Liberals blush.

    How's that 'complicite in war crimes' kangaroo court coming Bob?