Sunday, February 20, 2011

Would Iggy Fund Kairos?

Question: if the Liberals form a government after the next election (be it by coalition coup or less likely outright victory), would the new government fund Kairos, and if so, for how much? Listening to Ignatieff speak on the matter, he certainly seems to support this organizations which actively campaigns to shut down the Alberta oil sands. Good luck balancing the budget without Albertan oil revenue. Perhaps somebody can ask the Igster if he will fund Kairos if he becomes Prime Minister; next time he does one of those Open Mike bits (which clearly have not benefited him in the polls).

In the last two years how many "cross country tours" has Iggy done? 5? His personal approval numbers are smaller than they were two years ago. What does that tell you?

For the most concise and detailed breakdown of Oda-gate I have seen thus far, click here.


  1. Best bet would that Iggy or his puppeteers would never let this question be asked or answered.

  2. Would Iggy fund Kairos? Perhaps the question should be directed to his handlers, don't think he has an independent opinion on much of anything. He's got a penchant for putting his foot in his mouth when he's out winging it.

  3. Of course he would or would he "Not" be a "liar"?

    A man, that at one time I thought had the potential to be a moderate, thoughtful Liberal (never leadership potential but a civilized Liberal MP)has become a raving lunatic like most of his bench mates. He has no independent thought, he has no diplomacy, he has survived long enough to be come one of them, simple osmosis. He's a joke!

  4. Would Mr Ignatieff fund a group that is out of touch, out of step. They are clearly anti-capitalist, folks that manage to spend nearly 90% of their money on salaries and expenses?
    Yup he would.
    Bev Oda's crime was to defund these people.
    As far as I'm concerned this group and others like it are a very clear picture of just what is wrong with the Liberal Party.
    The bumbling Iggyster is off on another tour as soon as he completes the flogging of a Minister of the Crown for doing her job.
    He thinks, apparently that he is doing a wonderful job?
    A person claiming to speak for this group announced in the local paper that they are bringing in "white Poppies" to sell presumably for Rememberance Day.
    Your question regarding Mr Ignatieff's resigning, I would like him to stay.
    He is channeling George Castanza, he is a gift that just keeps on giving.

    Cheers Bubba

  5. If the funding of Kairos meant anything to the Liberals, they wouldn't have waited a year and a half to raise the issue. Only when they found themselves wallowing in three separate polls did they bring out this supposed trump card.

  6. And to think,
    had there been a place on a memo for Minister Oda to reject the CIDA civil servants submission,
    there would be nothing to report on.

    WHY was there only a place for Ministerial approval?
    Yes, that's been changed now, but the question remains,
    have civil servants had that much power in previous governments that they were NEVER over ruled?

    Or is it like president of CIDA, Margaret Biggs stated,
    this NOT insertion is normal....

  7. Would Ignatieff fund Kairos?
    He would probably make promises to do so.

    Don't forget John McKay's role in this entire Oda affair. John McKay is an evangelical Christian -- not that there's anything wrong with that! -- who was tasked by Ignatieff to reach out to the evangelical and Christian vote that has slowly been straying to the Conservatives.

    Unfortunately, one of Brian Lilley's articles also about John McKay's outreach program which I read some time back, when he was still with newstalk1010, is no longer available.

    -- Gabby in QC

  8. LOL Why are Conservatives more interested in slagging Iggy instead of leading. If KAiros funding should be cut then defend it. This silliness of following by seeing what the opposition will not oppose is spectacularly weak leadership by you and Harper. Now I know why we are badly lead and $55 billion in the whole this year.

  9. No name commmentor at 12:08
    Haven't you heard Kevin Page.....

    "Kevin Page predicted that the deficit will be less than 40 billion this fiscal year"

    and maybe cutting off these teet sucking special interest groups the LibDips have bowed down to, is part of the reason for the projected reduction in the deficit.