Friday, February 25, 2011

Graves Being Graves

When Liberal pollster Frank Graves reported that the Tories were nearing majority territory, the party responded very unusually to otherwise good news saying that some pollsters will publish very high numbers for the Tories only to make a deal when they return to normal. Sure enough, a week later Frank Graves was doing exactly that. Nanos and Ipsos confirmed last week that the Tories had reached a high water mark, but EKOS is the first to report a sudden drop and make a big deal about it through their friends in the media. Graves is always delighted when he reports a decline in Tory support; "it appears that the slumbering electorate have come unhinged. Major oscillations suggest people are paying attention."

And why does EKOS have the Green Party at almost 12% while Nanos consistently has them in the 5% range? I'm curious, because if these are supposed to be truly random samples, they should average out to roughly the same. But EKOS repeatedly overrates the Green Party. What is it about their method that produces this irregularity? Is it a dependence on internet polling? It suggests that their method is not truly random and thus not statistically valid.

It should also be noted that on the Globe's politics page, they have a piece titled "Tory lead shrinks in face of Bev Oda furor" and another "Bev Oda affair fails to catch fire with voters". Shouldn't those be mutually exclusive? Harris Decima found that half the country "had heard nothing about the document-altering scandal", and yet we are supposed to believe that this "furor" is dragging down the Tories? This was headline news for a week and half the country knows nothing about it? My own site traffic has increased 30% in the last week, so there is something afoot. In a recent poll, 80% of my visitors voted that Bev Oda should NOT resign.


  1. Meanwhile, while the media and CBC, CTV have dragged Bev Oda through the mud, for the Coalition, Bev Oda is in hospital during this week going through an eye retina operation....the second one. No wonder Canadians are livid.....the ones that know the truth, from blogs like this one.
    The rest, not likely, which are the voters the media are targeting. All in a days work for the maggot media and Opposition parties. Anything for Kairos.Graves is a CBC Liberal stooge.

  2. New CROP poll, CPC at 20% and big surprise,
    Quebecers like the coalition of losers:

    '...Quebecers - 61% lover the coalition of losers!
    - is very favorable (14%) or somewhat favorable (47%) that a coalition of the Liberals and the NDP, supported by the Bloc Quebecois, take the reins of power in Ottawa...'

    What's there not to like for a Quebecer?
    A coalition of losers, with 2008 election configuration,
    puts 64 out of 75 Quebec MPs in the drivers seat.
    That's 10 more MPs in government than Ontario would have!

    With a dwindling population, now only 23% of the Canadian pop,
    Quebec would have a 40% representation in government,
    Ontario 34% and those dirty oil producing Westerners (31 of Cdn pop) would be reduced to 15% rep in government,
    the Alberta oil sands would be easy pickings,
    billions to Quebec.....

    Jack and Iffy,
    do yah get that?

  3. CBC...CTV??? Other than hockey no oneI know watches either

  4. In 25 Polls Ekos has never seen the Liberal break 31% 1x from May 6,2010 to Feb 22, 2011.

    Does that mean a coalition is necessary?

    LPC 24 1x, 25 2x, 26% 5x, 27 6x, 28 5x, 29 4x

    Not a range to brag about.

  5. I still recall the grin Graves had on his face when reporting the huge gain for the PM. You knew he was lying and would soon come out with a poll showing a huge loss. Probably already had those true figures, according to him.
    Good thing all of us knew he was lying and were prepared and didn't panic.

  6. Graves (Gravy) is a shameless snake oil salesman for the Liberal party. A reptilian vampire manipulating the mass's for the benefit of the Liberal/Separatist coalition. "Odagate" and ECgate are obvious, well timed, co-ordinated smear campaigns concocted by the Liberals and the media, that makes a complete mockery of our democracy and illustrates the shameless, unaccountable corruption that permeates the left.