Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bringing "In And Out" Zombie Back From The Dead

The Canadian justice system has already cleared the Conservatives of any wrong doing in the 2006 "in and out-gate" faux scandal, but that didn't stop Elections Canada from pursuing further charges or the opposition from screaming wolf yet again on a non-controversy. I fully expect the four Tories charged in this case to be exonerated, just as the party was the last time this was fought in the courts. The most curious thing about this whole saga is the timing, just as with Odagate. One happened in 2006, the other in 2009, and now magically these are major scandals in 2011 just as an election is possibly pending and the Tories hit a high water mark in the polls. How much time has Evan Soloman dedicated to these two issues in the last two weeks?

Also, what is the record for consecutive guest appearances on the Soloman Show by a politician? Because I'm pretty sure Paul Dewar has to have set a new record. Honestly, that guy has earned my mute button. When I see him come on TV, I hit mute or change the channel. He's like the love child of Stewart Smalley and Chicken Little, and has arguably the most ridiculous looking hair in the House of Commons. It looks like he has a Chia Pet growing on his skull, groomed with bacon grease.


  1. The "Canadian justice system" has most certainly not "cleared the Conservatives of any wrong doing" in the in-and-out scandal.

    The federal court's decision in the in-and-out rebate case was based on the fact that Elections Canada had NOT filed charges against the Conservative Party in this matter. In other words, the court said either this spending is legal and you have to pay the rebates, or it's illegal and you should be filing charges, but you can't do one and not the other. Elections Canada has now said, yes, this campaign spending was illegal and we are both filing charges and denying the rebates.

    As an aside, Elections Canada is appealing the federal court decision in the earlier case on the basis that they should be able to deny the rebates even if they can't lay charges because the burden of proof is higher for proving an offense--over spending, false returns--than in a civil case like the disagreement over the rebates.

    Also, the suggestion that the timing of these charges is political is a little silly. Not only is Elections Canada an indepwendent agency, but they didn't even make the decision to prosecute in this case. The Commissioner of Elections referred the case to the Public Prosecutions Service who recommended that charges be laid. The PPS was created in in 2006 and staffed by the Harper government. The decision to file charges was made by prosecutors appointed by Stephen Harper.

  2. Anonymous, you are being disingenuous if you would have us believe that these so called 'charges' are not politically motivated.

    Next, you will be telling us that it was a mere coincidence that the CBC had a film crew stationed outside CPC headquarters when the RCMP was called in; a wholly unnecessary and outrageous bit of political theater orchestrated by the the anti- Conservative bureaucrats at Elections Canada.

  3. anon, please get your facts straight before posting moronic comments:

    "The Conservative Party of Canada has won a decisive victory in Federal Court over Elections Canada in its long-running dispute over the so-called "in-and-out" election financing scheme.

    Justice Luc Martineau in Ottawa set aside the chief electoral officer's decision not to approve $1.1 million in Conservative Party expenses challenged by Elections Canada after the 2006 federal election.

    The court determined the expenses were incurred by the applicants — identified in court documents as official agents of two Conservative candidates — and ordered the chief electoral officer to approve the claims.

    The ruling means the Tories will be entitled to reimbursements on the purchase of certain regional media spots in the 2006 election that featured nationally produced ads, followed by the taglines of individual candidates.

  4. Or this: "Mr. Justice Luc Martineau of the Federal Court last month dismissed the watchdog's allegation that 67 Tory candidates wrongly claimed advertising costs that should have been reported as national campaign expenses"

    EC appealed, and that appeal has yet to be heard, in part because EC has asked for extensions.

  5. As for your last paragraph anon, it's great to want to regurgitate the talking points from Solomon's show. Problem is those points were wrong on the show and now when you repeat them.

    "Elections Canada laid the charges — which variously carry sentences of up to a year in prison and fines up to $25,000 — after getting the go-ahead from the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, which has been reviewing the case for 20 months.

    A charge sheet released Friday by the Commissioner of Canada Elections cites Harper’s campaign director Doug Finley and the party’s fundraising chief Irving Gerstein, along with top party officials Mike Donison and Susan Kehoe. They are to appear in Ontario provincial court on March 18."

    The charges were laid at the direction of Elections Canada. Why would they lay charges when they already lost the Supreme Court decision, and have yet to have the appeal ruled on?

  6. Top comment that you GAYLE??

    EC is not so keen on getting the Liberals for actual violations of the Act, such as the repayment of leadership debts within a specific time frame,and investigating ADSCAM, but they are quite gun-ho going after the conservatives for a non-violation of the Act, as ruled by the federal court: evidence of bias by EC.
    It seems EC was not so concerned with in-out schemes (and in fact published literature suggesting they were legal) before the 2006 election. After the 2006 election, EC changed its mind on the matter, for no apparent reason other than the conservative win
    Just another Witch hunt by Liberal Elections Canada joining CBC with another smear job....right arm of the Liberal Party of Canada.

  7. This is another conveniently timed, completely contrived, co-ordinated witch hunt from the encrusted Liberal bureaucrats at EC, and the morally and fiscally bankrupt Liberals and the loping jackals of the media. Judge Gomery's conclusion that the Liberals are corrupt and perpetually nurture a "culture of corruption" has never been so evident as illustrated in the last few weeks of conveniently timed, pre- co-ordinated smash and grab smear jobs. Time to investigate how far and deeply seeded the Liberal, "culture of corruption" has infected the bureaucracy of EC.

  8. Get lost CBC, Elections Canada and Liberano$.
    Election Canada also continue to ignore the Liberals doing exactly the same thing. Federal Liberals transferred 1.7 million dollars to various Liberal riding associations in Ontario, then transfer 1.3 million dollars out of the local riding associations back to the national Liberals in order to buy national advertising. This the exact same thing EC is "investigating" the Conservative Government for. EC needs to be investigated for these obvious inconsistencies.
    Iggy says "THIS IS A MILLION DOLLAR SCAM" Then why isn't that slimy EC investigating LIBERALS, IGGY? Go back to Harvard, if they will have you. You can always work for CBC along with Weston, Clark, and Russo.

  9. 'At my invitation and in accordance with her legal mandate, Auditor General Sheila Fraser conducted a performance audit of our agency in 2005.' EC website

    So is the last time Sheila Fraser has been invited to audit EC's performance, back in the Martin era?

    If so, perhaps it's time again,
    like Integrity commish Ouilet's office was just audited.

  10. EC Or shall I say E/LIB to go after the Conservatives and not the liberals for the loans not yet repaid is a conspiracy which smell right across this country.
    Now what will happen when the coalition the liberal' pals do the same. will the EL hunt them down; take them to court or what.

  11. Elections Canada is infested with corrupt Liberals. This is the LIBERAL "culture of deceit", aided by the infested cockroaches over there on the dark side, at the taxpayer funded CBC.This may have worked in the Chretian and Martin years, but no more. Canadians are watching you, and are sickened and fed up.This is the exact reason why we need a majority Govt. to rid Canadians of the Liberal MAGGOTS!!

  12. So when the bunglecrats can't reduce the CPC's poll numbers through CIDA they try again with EC. Any one want to speculate which branch of the bungleocracy raises its hoary head when the EC venture fails? Oh and CBC doesn't count as they have been firing blanks all along.

  13. PM Harper better stay out of Church ....CBC will have their camera crew there to drag out the Waffer-gate "scandal". Maybe they will find some secret documents again in a snow bank found by Liberals, on their way to dinner, and kept for a week, then delivered to CBC by Liberano$.They know where to go.
    Soooo predictable.The rot in the Liberal party and CBC needs to be purged...guess thats why they are fighting full throttle. Problem is, the Conservatives arn't the corrupt Liberals, so they have a backroom staff going through their past gates, trying to see if it will be successful, a second time around. They actually have a petition out against SUN TV News...the ratpack Liberals and CBC's worst FEAR is SUN TV NEWS because their viewership will go from 100 Torontonian's to niltch....0.

  14. A Nonny Mouse do ya'all work for EC? I will bet you do.
    See the light A Nonny Mouse it is not the end of the tunnel. It is a train, a Big Blue Train.
    Someone will do an audit of EC and a lot of the dead wood zombies are gonna have to practice saying "you want fries with that mister"?
    Cheers Bubba

  15. Maybe it is time to re appoint Gomery, this time with the ability to lay charges and send liberals to jail. JC can play with his golf balls while there.
    Before the net and blogs, libs could get away with this, and so could the cbc, but no more. SunTv is about to start and the opposition is scared, and know they are about to be exposed big time. And how about that petition from that group that tried to stop SunTv saying they have 2 days to shut down SunTv.

  16. Who has the authority to fire the staff at Elections Canada? What gives anyway? Who the hell at EC is dogging the Cons while giving the Thieves and Liars a pass? They deserve to lose their jobs, pension, severance..their actions are pure BS, and they should answer for them.

  17. MaryT, excellent idea.

    The idea of some crooked Liberals losing their shirts, homes, everything... that puts a smile on my mug. They deserve no less.

  18. How true that EC is full of Liberals, and it is also the same for the majority of all the Public Service at top management levels. Until and unless we have a government with the courage to clean out all Liberal hacks, they will continue to do everything within their power to discredit and undermine a non Liberal government.

  19. That is definitely the reason,and only reason there is so much corruption in EC,and other agencies,is the 13 years and more of liberal appointees,but I believe that good will win out in the end,but if it doesn't,then The Canada that our military fought and died for will be gone.Somehow we must find a way to stop the socialist separtists thieves.Gerald

  20. Keep a list of those questions to ask Liberal candidates if/when the next election comes (Where is the missing $40 million from ADSCAM? Why have Liberal leadership candidates still not repaid the loans and contributions they took out for the leadership race? etc.)

    Then while they are still dazed drop them with this question:

    "If there is a coalition; will you be taking marching orders from (name of NDP candidate in next riding)?"

    These questions should have them in knots trying to justify their positions without actually answering the questions; much hilarity should ensue.