Sunday, February 27, 2011

Which BC Conservative Would Make The Best Premier?

Today's poll question; Which Conservative would make the best the best Premier of British Columbia? In the aftermath of Christy Clark being elected Premier by Liberal members and not the public, I would like to start the search for the next great Conservative Premier of my province. The BC Conservatives did not run a full slate in the last election (24 of 79 ridings), and as they struggle to grow they continue to lack a viable leadership candidate. I'm not sure if we could pry James Moore away from Ottawa, but he would make a fantastic candidate for Premier of BC.

I'm looking for names. Jay Hill would be another great choice, after he retired from his service in Ottawa. I reluctantly voted for the BC Liberals in 2009, but I'm out. Since I have a public voice, I may as well use it to promote a quality alternative to Christy Clark. I'd rather have Gordon Campbell back than live under the rule of Christy.


  1. CC only was elected by ~340 votes! Wait for that to sink into the minds of the BC Coalition Party! When it does, the party will split into two. The NDP knows that and will exploit it. KF has the senior party support along with the maj. MLAs. He should take it and run. Where? I don't know but he should run!

  2. They keep saying on TV that 57,000 Liberals voted to elect CC. Then they go on to show less than 9,000 votes between CC and K Falcon. What happened to the other 48,000 BC Liberal votes?

  3. Fay, the votes were all there, they used a weighted system to give the regional vote more clout. The 9,000 refers to points.

  4. Poll from September 2009, even more relevant today;

    Which of the following political leaders and parties associated with each, do you support most in terms of how much you like them and would support them?
    Surrey mayor Dianne Watts and B.C. Conservatives 47 %
    B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and B.C. Liberals 24 %
    Carole James and B.C. New Democrats 17 %
    Jane Sterk and B.C. Greens 03 %

    Vote for the BC Conservatives, the NDP and the Liberals cannot be trusted.

    BC deserves better.

  5. I guess I'll vote Conservative in the next B.C. election,IF they have a viable leader. Watts is okay,hope if she's the leader come election time,she can find enough good candidates to make a full slate.

    I see the Liberals have increased the number of seats to 85,a far cry from the 72 or so that existed when they first returned from the political diaspora via Gordon Wilson.

    Campbell promised to lower the number of seats to 50 in his first run at Premier,guess that was forgotten in his zeal to get more Party hogs to the trough.


  6. If a BC Conservative party gets off the ground, the NDP will be celebrating an easy election victory. Folks, please don't forget the 1990's when the NDP ran this province into the ground while the rest of North America flourished.

    Please use your vote wisely and vote against the socialists.


  7. If you start a 3rd party you will only split the vote and allow the N.D.P losers into power,there are to many conservatives within the B.C liberals now, Clark cannot take it to the left very much,or she will start a revolt,better having Clark in then wacko N.D.P ers.

  8. Remember when the BC Liberal had only one MLA?

    That's where they are headed.

  9. yeah well sorry I don't buy that there are alot of other parties running that will split votes there is a green party to remember that so the B.C conservatives will come up the middle. if votes were split.

  10. How the BC Libs could elect such a vapid, shallow, superficial leader as Clark, is almost beyond comprehension. Clark is a federal Liberal so she will lurch the BC Liberals to the far left, therefore opening up the right of the political sphere to the Conservatives. BC Liberals electing a self interested radio talk show host will turn out to be a colossal mistake. Depressing.