Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Election Back On?

If all the political parties are running around the country trying to get all their candidates declared and selected before a budget vote, what does that tell you about the probability of an election? The Pundit's Guide blogger has been feverishly writing about new candidates being declared all over the country, one of the busiest being the NDP. Tommy Muclair just announced 5 new candidates in Montreal. Brian Topp, the co-architect of Jack Layton's coalition coup attempt in 2008, is now predicting that there will be a spring election.

I thought that the NDP had gotten cold feet before I downgraded my "Imminent Election Probability Meter" from red to dark yellow, but if the Dippers are rushing to name candidates and one of their insiders is declaring an election imminent, does that mean an election is coming soon? Should I change my election meter to orange? Has Iggy finished appointing all his candidates? Will he let the riding associations vote, or just appoint whichever he personally favours?


  1. I'd laugh if Jack backed out at the last moment saying that he tried to get a better deal, they tried but it just wasn't to be. That would take us to an election where the Cons would own the Centre and right, the Dippers would own the left and the Libs would be left hoping for a miracle campaign performance from Iggenstein.

  2. Anyone wanting to be a liberal candidate should read the list of over 100 past scandals the liberals were involved with, as govt.
    A must read, NBTorygal today. She has listed over 100 scandals the liberals were responsible for, most if not all, costing the taxpayer millions of dollars. I am sure the liberals would prefer this record NOT be revisited. Iggy, do you know what your party did to the taxpayer.

  3. maryt . i read the 200 items. unfortunately canadians only have a seven day (max) attention span. it is too painful to try and remember that you were screwed over time after time and did nothing about it. i think a spring election is just nuts. old white guy

  4. A Spring Election is not a solution. People are tired and fed up and I hope that Prime Minister Harper does not have to call one this year.

    It is pretty obvious that the Conservatives will win so why force the people to vote?

    Let the Liberals or the N.D.P's put all their candidates ready because if they really cared for Canada and it's people, they will not shove an election onto them this spring.