Friday, February 11, 2011

Quebec City "if you build it, they will come..."

I must report my excitement that Quebec City will go ahead with plans to build a modern "NHL ready" arena even before guarantees of federal or private funding assistance. The reason that the private sector has cold feet is that the NHL has said that it has no plans to expand or relocate. Gary Bettman does not want to admit that his dream of turning the Southern US sunbelt into hockey fans failed, but it has. There are about 6 NHL franchises that are bleeding money and have never built the necessary fan base. Many of those franchises were put in those cities under Bettman's reign.

I want the Jets back in Winnipeg, and the Nordiques back in Quebec. I want teams in Hamilton, and Saskatchewan if possible. I would support federal funding for new stadiums in Hamilton and Regina. The Canadian dollar is never going back to where it was we lost those 2 teams back in the 90s. The failed Bettman franchises cannot sustain themselves and will eventually come back to Canada. It is inevitable, and there is substantial monetary value to having an NHL franchise.

I know that many of you don't agree with me, but I am a die hard hockey fan who worked a thousand hours at an NHL facility. FYI, I was not the only University graduate in the janitorial department... :)


  1. We have a brand new arena in Winnipeg already! JETS FIRST!

  2. Hey my first Job here was serving beer at the Saddledome. Nothing wrong with honest work.

    Speaking of the Saddledome, they have been talking about a new arena in Calgary too. How come those other cities get arena money and I have to pay for it? -Then they say they have to raise taxes or Gramma gets to die waiting in a crowded ER.

    Its the classic Liberal trap. I'd like a space elevator myself. Doesn't mean I should force you all to pay for it.

  3. Also, look out for the Harper-haters on this one. Just about every public facility gets some federal money through existing programs that operate independently most of the time. If an Arena is built in Quebec City you can bet it will get some tax payers money.

    Watch for the media, the Liberals and the Harper-haters to jump on that like its a big deal while the too-conservative-for-you types get confused and frustrated.

  4. I support the City or Province implementing a levy or tax for their projects.

    I want a smaller Federal Government.

    Quebec does not have any mountains around Quebec City that would qualify for the Olympics.

    This multi-purpose arena being demanded by a have-not province is already getting the lions share of federal funding.

    Quebec needs to get their books in balance and decided what priorities are worth funding for the next few years.