Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will Christy Clark Even Run If She Losses Leadership Race?

In the race to replace Gordon Campbell as BC's Liberal Premier, leadership contender Christy Clark isn't sure she'll run for BC Parliament if she loses the leadership race. In the only debates of this campaign, Kevin Falcon nailed her with the question of will you still run for office if you lose the leadership, and Christy stumbled and said she doesn't know and would have to do what's best for her family. Okay, so it is only good for her family if she is Premier, not a plain simple member of Parliament? If you have a leadership candidate who will only run for office if they win leadership, then you have to ditch that candidate. That's not someone who is in the race for the right reasons.

I am supporting George Abbot, but really would be content with anybody but Christy. That was a brilliant strategic question by Kevin Falcon in the debates. I think it tripped her up because she does not intend to run in the event of a loss. I mean, if you are getting back into politics, it can't only be as Premier. Even Ignatieff ran for office after losing to Dion. And I never liked her radio show. I remember being pissed off when she took Charles Adler's afternoon time slot, bumping the boss of talk to pre-recorded nights.


  1. When it was suggested to Christy Clark that she was a known federal Liberal, she haughtily denied it.

    That prompted CKNW afternoon host Michael Smyth to hilariously comment that that was like the Pope saying he's not a Catholic because he doesn't have a confession app on his iPhone.

    Smyth is well worth listening to in the afternoons. Spades are spades!

  2. Two reasons I'm not voting for Christy Clark.

    1) She's an opportunist. I agree with you; Falcon nailed it. When Clark left provincial politics, she said it was for family reasons. Just a few years later, she ran for the NPA nomination for mayor, despite the fact that I thought she had to take care of her family. Now she's running for the top job of the province, with no commitment to staying in it for the long run if not chosen as leader. This reeks of opportunism.

    2) I think her ties are too close to the federal Liberals. Her ex-husband is a Liberal organizer who co-chaired the Dion Liberal campaign in 2008. Sure, they've now separated, but I still feel that Christy Clark is too snuggly with the federal Liberals.

    I will be voting Kevin Falcon (1), George Abbott (2), Mike de Jong (3), then Christy Clark (4). I won't be entirely disappointed if Christy won -- she's a charismatic campaigner, but I'd rather have someone else as leader.

  3. OT, in answer to the question posed in the sidebar via twitter. That poll re should bev resign was over 70% NO, when I voted around 9.30a.m AB time. Then it went almost even, and gee, wondered if it was fixed. So, I voted again no problem. Usually a poll question will say, sorry we have counted your vote.
    Can't trust a ctv poll again.
    And if their polls can be fixed like the one was for Small Town Heroes run by UFA in AB, easy to disable a cookie and vote several times.

  4. I personally can't stand Clark. I believe she represents everything that is wrong in a politician. A vote for her would also be a vote for the continued cover-up of the corrupted "sale" of BC Rail. It would be like rewarding corruption and becoming an accomplice in continued corruption. The fact Christy is a federal "Liberal" should be warning enough to not trust her.