Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Retired Is Jay Hill?

After stepping down from federal politics, in part because of the draining commute from BC to Ottawa for two decades, I would like to ask if Jay Hill would consider running for the leadership of the BC Conservative Party? They are voting on a new leader at the end of May, and I am trying to recruit high profile quality candidates to run for the job. The Liberals need to be sent out to pasture, especially after selecting Christy Clark to be our unelected (without a seat in parliament) Premier. In a very close overall race, Christy won 32 of 34 NDP ridings, where all ridings were given equal weighting in their nomination process. This presents a fantastic opportunity for the BC Conservatives to run a full slate with a charismatic popular leader and actually have a reasonable probability of victory. The BC Conservatives should be celebrating Clark's victory.

I'm nominating James Moore for the next leader, but I don't know if he's interesting in leaving federal politics. He is a rising Tory star, and I'm pretty sure the youngest cabinet minister. That being said, I would also strongly endorse Jay Hill, who has retired from federal service. The bottom line is that BC desperately needs a Conservative Premier, and I want to maximize the probability of that happening. What if we pooled our money and bought Danielle Smith from Alberta?

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  1. Bumped into Jay Hill on a flight from Ottawa to Calgary last November. I understand he's living in Calgary now with his new wife. He has at least one child going to the U of Calgary.

  2. I think Jay Hill would be an outstanding choice as leader of the BC Conservatives, but I have my doubts as to whether he would want the job. How could the BC LIberals elect such a superficial clown as CLark!! I'm still shocked at this obvious blunder. Come on BC Conservatives, get you're act together and save this Province from the nefarious federal Liberals and their new ethically challenged, puppet Premier.