Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bev Needs A Cigarette

It really highlights how insane this story has become that suddenly Bev Oda smoking a cigarette outside parliament was treated as a big "gotcha" moment on Wednesday. If I had to sit through Question Period and listen to what the opposition members were screaming, I'd need a smoke too. She's Canadian, and she is not the Minister of Health. Maybe if any good comes from this ordeal, it will be a Tory increase among smoking voters?

And by the way, if you are wondering about her giant welder's glasses, she recently had eye surgery. This photograph makes me feel sympathy for Bev Oda.


  1. I used to live close to Bev and heard nothing but nice things about her. Its a shame there is such a pile on by everyone. I have looked at the whole thing and don't see what the big deal is other than a left wing church group lost their gravy train.

  2. Smoking is addictive, the media is using this photo of the Minister smoking & wearing the glasses to discredit Ms Oda. It's degrading and disrespectful.

  3. Watching the CBC just made me fume as the reporter Terry Milewski claim that Kairos never supported a boycott.
    Heres a link from the Muslim news-
    And the A jewish publication

    So once again the cbc is caught playing a two faced role in reporting.Oda should not have lied about altering the document.However the recommendation to hand over 7 million dollars of the taxpayers money was a terrible recommendation when a no name citizen (me) can dig up a background of Kairos in 5 minutes.

    Being the first Japanese canadian elected to parliment is something Canadians should be proud of.She made the right move to deny Kairos the funding.


  4. I understand that Ms Oda is recovering from an eye operation her eyes would be very sensitive to light.
    As far as the pile on that is just what Liberals do to Conservative Women.
    Ms Oda did us a huge favor by booting KAIROS, they have been on the teat for 36 years, about time they started fundraising themselves. For their green anti oils sands pro Kyoto agenda.
    Only on the planet Mr Ignatieff is from would saving the tax payers money be a "scandal", NOTgate whatever.
    Cheers bubba

  5. I have said this for a long time now. The progressive live to bash Conservative women.

    They revel in it and go bat$hit crazy every time in targeting women that are not in the Liberal-progressive camp.

    Could this have been handled better regarding communications: yes.

    Having experience in dealing with questioning from lawyers and being advised keeping answers to a minimum gives me an understanding why so little was offered in regards to the decision to cut funding for the left wing group.

    I have lost count how many Conservative women the left have thrown under the bus with personal attacks.

  6. At first I was not certain, but now with this disgusting gutter level attack I must agree with CanadianSense. Consider that she is both a woman, a minority and a conservative, which gives the lie to the Left's claim that only they defend women and minorities. This, more than anything else, has caused them to become so hysterically unhinged.

  7. Can someone start an online petition for Ignatieff to resign? Maybe a Youtube montage of some of his most recent hysteria would be nice...

  8. Joshua at 1:53 pm; "Oda should not have lied about altering the document."

    I beg to differ. She did not lie. What Bev Oda did is instruct that someone in her department put in the word 'not' to signify she did not approve the funding. That is not lying.

    Like other Conservative MPs, Oda is not a motor-mouth like some fast-talking opposition MPs, and her language is at times ambiguous, but I do not believe she lied.

    BTW, thanks for those links.
    -- Gabby in QC

  9. The cigarette in her mouth in the above photo does not appear to be lit, yet this same photo on other sites shows smoke billowing out of her mouth. Who doctored the photo, considering this is all about a so called doctored document. Maybe you could run both photos together.

  10. Fife and friends said the photographer took A pic of Bev with a cigarette, meaning one. Check out the photo at BC Blue.
    So, did fife lie re one pic taken or did someone doctor it. Did he stand around till she put it out, will we soon see a pic of her stomping it out, or more likely a pic of her throwing it away.
    As I said, considering this story is about lying, adding something to change it, we need the truth.
    And again, did he get her written permission to publish said photo. That is standard procedure.
    This might seem a minor point, but considering ctv demanding truth, why not start there.

  11. Hang in there Bev do not deserve this treatment. Canada used to be a civil society with manners but the MSM are leading all Canadians to the gutter.

  12. I didn't think Roy Orbinson smoked ;-)

  13. Yup. Nothing to look at here, move right along, nothing to see. Just what I'd expect to hear at a train wreck.

  14. ahhhh, good ol' MaryT....every time I find myself softening towards Harper, the faithful remind exactly who it is that buys into his hypocrisy.

  15. "Odagate" is a hysterical, vile, coalition, media co-ordinated lynching. It will be interesting to see the inevitable polling that predictably follows a co-ordinated, contrived Lib/media smear job. Media employed pollsters better do it before the Speaker rules there was no breach of trust by Oda, thus ruining a perfectly set up smear job.

  16. Further to comment that Oda changed her story

    "During a committee appearance in December, Ms. Oda said she did not know who put in the word “not” on the Kairos funding proposal that had been approved by her officials. This week, she changed her story, saying that she had provided the direction for the insertion of the word."

    Her answer was rather simple in that she didn't know the "who" by name which is understandable. She didn't didn't know who wrote in the word "not" - she wasn't present.
    The question wasn't who was responsible for refusing the funding for Kairos because Liberals aren't smart enough to formulate a simple question and they want to run a country - forget it.
    Maybe the Minister wouldn't be called "evasive" if they asked a proper question.

    However to say she "changed her story" is a misrepresentation and can not stand the test of scrutiny, because back in December 2010 , at the same meeting that Oda testified at, Margaret Biggs President of CIDA told the committee, Oda was responsible for the change, and had every right to make the change, so it was established back in December Oda was responsible for rejecting the Kairos funding. Now in February her statement that "she had provided the direction for the insertion of the word" is only an acknowledgment of what was determined back in December, by the committee, and there is no change in the substance of the story or position that can be attributed to Oda.

    Margaret Biggs testimony at December meeting before committee
    “I think as the minister said, the agency did recommend the project to the minister. She has indicated that. But it was her decision, after due consideration, to not accept the department’s advice. This is quite normal, and I certainly was aware of her decision. The inclusion of the word “not” is just a simple reflection of what her decision was, and she has been clear. So that’s quite normal,” she told the foreign affairs committee.”