Friday, February 4, 2011

Harper Visits Washington

The Prime Minister of Canada is visiting Washington, and on the agenda is negotiating a deal to cut down on border travel wait times to ensure an efficient flow of goods and services between our two nations. The Liberals are declaring this to be a loss of sovereignty and demanding that the PM take this to parliament before it has even been negotiated. I have no problem with parliament voting on the final deal, but our dysfunctional legislature should not be conducting international negotiations. Let Harper and Obama work something out, then decide if it is good or bad. Will the Liberals throw their beloved Messiah to the south under the bus for short term political maneuvering?

Barney Fife over at CTV news expects this to be the number one issue if there is a spring election, bigger than business taxes and airplanes. I would just like to see the end product of negotiations before I decide if it is good or if it will destroy Canada as we know it.


  1. Barney Fife hahahaha lmoa.

  2. Get ready for USA style suffering.

    Houses are going to drop 25% in price within 3 years.

    The IcePick, who loves Asians and wants "more" here in Canada will not like this news seeing how they own B.C.

  3. As in "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" - A lesson could be learned here by the "lefties."

    E Mac

  4. No name commentor @6:12
    Fear not,
    as long as Canadians have jobs and can pay their mortgage, they have no need to sell into a down market.
    And, if prices do start to fall, there are billions sitting in investor accounts that will snap up the houses, thusly stopping a crash.

    Besides, if you read the entire article you posted, you will see that the economists consensus is the housing market will flat line at worst,
    we are not the USA.

    For the sake of your mental health anon,
    quit reading the Toronto Star

  5. wilson said...

    Sorry Wilson, but the average house in Canada is almost 400 grand.

    About 200 grand over what it should be.

    If you think the Canadian housing market is where it should be, I'll sell you a bridge down at the end of my street.

    There is no logical explanation for houses doubling in prices every few years.

    is the average house in Canada going to be 800 grand in 10 years?

    It obviously can't so when will this bullshit end.

    The same game that was played in the USA was also played in Canada.

    We're smaller so it will take longer to bust.

    The bubble has to burst because this country is going down the same de-industrialization the USA has been forced to endure.

    When you bring in 300 thousand immigrants a year, you will always have a "housing market."

    bankrupt native born Canadians will ridiculous prices for housing and then bring over immigrants to buy houses Canadians cannot afford.

    Clearly when the average house in Canada is 400 grand, something don't make sense.

    Low interest rates are what made this "housing market".

    This was never an added jobs based housing market.

    The bullshit needs to stop.

    The Banksters need to be in jail with Harper, Iggy and Layton.

  6. Average house price in Britain $396,000 (USD)
    Average house price in Australia $475,000

    $40,711 US average income for 2009
    $63,900 Canadian average income 2008