Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Canada An "Economic Superstar"

As the opposition spins its wheels to keep Odagate near the top of the news cycle ahead of a potential spring election, the greater headline is that Canada has been rated as an economic superstar. 2/3 of Canadians feel good about our economy during troubling economic times. Scott Brison would say that the Liberal party deserves credit for Canada's success, even though they have been out of power with very little influence for the last 5 years.

Have you noticed that the opposition has shifted their attacks away from fiscal responsibility to "government secrecy" instead? I'm sure it is just a coincidence that John Ibbitson ranted in the Globe that the government was most vulnerable on "secrecy" mere days before the explosion of Odagate. The Libs knew about this story before it became the dominant story just over one week ago.


  1. Pssst biggest "secret in Canada" Waffle is toast, soggy toast.
    Liberals could not run a hot dog stand.
    Iggy is in Newfoundland auditioning for new job.
    Back-ho boy?

  2. I am looking forward to the campaign because the opposition have been going negative for so long they don't understand the BS is not resonating with anti-CPC worries.

    It's the economy stupid. My job and most of us don't blame them for the Global recession.

    It will be fun listening to their rhetoric demanding billions for social engineering and raising taxes of those "evil" corporations.

    The world has shifted right in the developed economies. Governments are moving to balancing their books. Canada is shining at home and abroad it is driving them crazy they can't sink this government after five years.

    It must be demoralizing for the opposition faithful to keep reading how thirty per cent of their own followers don't want an election until the full mandate is served (2012).

  3. The next scandal has been posted.
    Let's get ahead of this one.

    It's about Integrity Comish Ouimet and AG Sheila Frasers report.

    Ouimet has worked 25 years for the federal government.
    Media and opps already setting out narrative that Harper made her drop investigations.

    The wrong doing, as described in the AG report,
    involves department managers, civil servants and Dept Official (bureacrats) whistle blowing on each other.
    Some of the investigations Ouilet dropped are going to be reopened.

    Must read the AG report,
    the investigations into wrong doing findings
    scroll down to point 30.
    (alleges manager requests worker to break law on taking a bid and alleges manager has personal interest, Senior Officer dealt with it)

    Lawerence Martin writes:
    'Opposition members on the committee suspect, and are out to prove, that her office, an independent agency not answerable to the Prime Minister’s Office or the Privy Council Office, was pressured from above to cover up wrongdoing.'

  4. Superstars.... this is so funny Iceman,
    yah gott post it.

    Found at Macleans
    'A YouTube video apparently had Stephen Harper in stitches during a Conservative caucus meeting. House leader John Baird shared “Stephen Harper’s five years in power party,” in which the heads of the PM and cabinet ministers Baird, Jason Kenney, Vic Toews and Stockwell Day are superimposed on the bodies of Chippendales dancers. Baird says he doesn’t know who made the video. Toews joked that it’s his real body...'