Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dalton's Green Energy Gone With The Wind

With all the upheaval in Egypt, you may not have noticed that Dalton McGuinty is scrapping some of his green energy projects because they just aren't feasible. Great Dalton, I could have told you this wouldn't work back when you were campaigning on the need for wind power. I wonder what other policies Dalton will back track on in the lead up to this fall's Ontario election? He already reneged on his eco-tax, so what's next?

Kelly McParland wrote a great piece in the National Post on this subject.


  1. Is he scrapping them or just putting them on hold until he gets re-elected?

  2. The Green Energy Act is a fraud.

    This isn't just about bad decisions it is a clear case of gross incompetence.

    No one can defend it.

  3. Wait – they decided they needed more scientific evidence, and you think that’s a problem? I understand you’re not a fan of Dalton, but when you write things like this you just come off as a blind partisan.

  4. Anonymous, it might comfort you to know that I have referred to myself as a blind partisan several times in the past. A wise philosopher once said "why so serious?"