Friday, February 18, 2011

Pablo Rodriguez Must Resign!

I am calling for Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez to resign immediately for misleading a Breathalyzer after driving his drunk ass into a traffic accident. Of all the mistakes, misdeeds, crimes, and misdemeanors that elected officials can possibly commit; I have Pablo's refusing to blow into the Breathalyzer (after the police showed up on the scene of the traffic accident where he admitted that he had been drinking) at the top of my list of resignation worthy offenses. I'm wondering if Scott Brison was found by Miliken to be in contempt after tipping a friend at a major bank as to the contents of the budget prior to its release? Will Ruby Dhalla resign for mistreatment of a foreign worker?

Despite this transgression, Scott continues to sit in Ignatieff's shadow cabinet. Pablo is still an MP. Why won't these ministers resign?

I'm just saying...


  1. "Despite this transgression, Scott continues to sit in Ignatieff's shadow cabinet. Pablo is still an MP. Why won't these ministers resign?"

    Why won't these ministers resign? In case you didn't know, Scott Brison, Pablo Rodriguez and Ruby Dhalla are not ministers and never would want to be ministers for this PM. Why don't you ask Mr. Brison since he decided to join the Liberals even though Harper personally asked him to join the Conservatives after the PC and Reform parties merged?

    I expect better out of someone who runs a political blog supporting the current government...

  2. I can't believe the media turned off on Pablo Rodriguez, there wasn't any coverage.

  3. So because Pablo and Ruby are not Ministers - thatt permits them to lie and tell whatever they want because of course, they are liberals and the liberal media refuse to bring anything negative to their beloved party...

  4. "They are liberals and the liberal media refuse to bring anything negative to their beloved party..." This is Bush-style politics at its best.

    If you think the media is so Liberal biased, do me a favour and read almost any piece published by Sun media.

  5. Libsrule:

    Crapola, As for the SUN, you ain't seen nothing yet.
    They will bring a balanced outlook which your beloved Liberals will regret.
    So, cry me a river.

  6. Ignatieff has expertise on "doctored" documents in the Liberal caucus. Perhaps he could consult with Senator Francis Fox on what he believes is a "forgery" and what is the appropriate standard for a Minister of the Crown.

  7. Is pisstank Pablo O.K.? Last I heard he could barely draw a breath.

  8. Don't forget McCallum who can't remember what kind of car he drives ... or was he just lying?

    That didn't get any coverage either.

    Or how about Scott Reid and Ujjal who were given a pass for trying to bribe Grewal, instead the media crucified Grewal for taping the conversation.

  9. DR. CAROLYN BENNETT To resign for suggesting that children who are brought up by their stay home mom will go up to be criminals.

    Brison to resign for also mileading the parliament by ommitting what canadian federation idependant business (CFIB)said on their report.

    I also want Godale to resign for misleading the parliament and the public when he said they (libs) have created an eight year balance from by actually cutting funds to: provinces, education, military, infrustructure etc."

  10. I agree about Rodriguez and the media. News had him ragging on the cop that he was being persecuted just because he was a Liberal big shot. More likely it was because he was so drunk he caused an accident. Clearly, the Canadian press has no interest in investigating Liberals.

    While waiting for that one, be sure to check out David Basi and the BC Rail scandal.

  11. Don't forget McCallum being taken off a plane for being too drunk. Much worse than what Helena supposedly did.
    Did Chretian get much coverage for strangling a person, how about Pet for giving the west the finger. Mind you we have gotten even for that.
    And I remember the Fox forgery, and it was a definite forgery. Did it hurt his career, was he fired, NO.

  12. I want Judy Sgro to resign for milking the taxpayers on her rent expense after giving her condo to her kids...and for her lies on strippergate.
    How about layton and Chow to be investigated for their expense acct adding up to $1.5 MILLION dollars paid for by taxpayers double dipping on one residence??? Don't get me started.

  13. I cannot believe that the Judy Sgro thing was can you as an experienced MP rent from your kids and not know you are doing wrong...our MP was told first family working for you and do not rent from relatives..and nothing was done to her.