Monday, February 28, 2011

Parliament's Back

Parliament resumes from a short recess last week, and I'm sure that you are all very excited. All us Jihadis supporting the Tories have to be jacked up. Harper Akbar! Granted, Parliament is resuming on NHL trade deadline day, so the CBC will be in tough competing for eyeballs with TSN and Sportsnet. What do the Liberals hit first, Odagate or In and Outgate? I'm not sure if Jetgate will make it onto their list in Question Period, since Iggy now supports enforcing no fly zones in areas of civil unrest and violence. You do know that Gaddafi has a significant air force and anti-aircraft weapons, right? Yes, he also has radar. Too bad we don't have any stealth technology on our jets. I am not working on Monday, but I suspect I will be watching the sports shows instead of the news.

There is a lot of talk about adding a stat holiday between New Year's and Christmas (Christy Clark campaigned for one in BC), so why not NHL trade deadline day? Should we make this a national holiday?


  1. You mean between New Years and Easter, right? Every other province has one. In Saskatchewan its called Family Day. It was last Monday.

  2. This is the CBC, media and the Liberal way...

    As a skunk seeks to protect itself with a pungent, vile spray on their enemy, so also does this Liberal crowd with their baseless stigmatizing, character assassination and casting a slanderous, foul odor on those who stand in their way....those representing right and truth. This defensive tactic, which utilizes lies and deceit, partial truths and utter falsehood, works wondrously on any potential victim. From the most powerful to the most common of women, all against whom it is directed are so sullied and stigmatized by this vile slanderous odor that it ruins them irrevocably. The slander tactic is the last desperate attempt in the struggle for self-preservation at all costs. That is why they will NOT hold back and are quite vengeful in delivering their vile.Watch QP.