Thursday, February 24, 2011

Evacuating Canadians Abroad

If you happen to be a Canadian living anywhere in the world, evidently you should expect to be immediately air lifted out of Dodge if any kind of violence breaks out. A warning to any Canadian currently residing in any Middle Eastern country with a non-democratic dictatorship, you should consider returning to Canada right now. We are an economic superstar and if you don't want to be caught in a revolution, the Middle East is not the place for you at this turning point in history. Be it Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc, by choosing to live there you are putting yourself at risk.

While I am not without sympathy for Canadians caught in the fledgling civil war in Libya, maybe you should have considered coming home when revolution broke out on both sides of you in Tunisia and Egypt? Plus, we always knew Gaddafi was nuts, so this risk should have been considered as a possibility to anyone living in the region. The Tories seem to be taking flak now that they have not evacuated Canadians from Libya fast enough, but aside from sending a plane to the Tripoli airport, what exactly does the opposition expect our government to do? Should we send in our military or DART to search for and evacuate every last person holding a Canadian passport in a war zone? Does Paul Dewar want us to invade Libya?

We can't just send a civilian team into an area where mercenaries are allegedly driving around killing people at random. A plane at the Tripoli airport is about as good as you can possibly expect. Any unit we would send into this scenario would have to be armed, ergo it would have to be a military unit of some sort. How do you think a filthy rich madman like Moomar would respond to us airdropping a team of paratroopers into his civil war? I'm guessing they would not be well received. I hope that Canadians make it out, but don't expect more than the Canadian government can possibly logistically provide.


  1. First priority is Canadians and not canadians of convenience. I would imagine most of the ones caught there are oil workers, making big, tax free money.
    When the nutcase blows up the oil wells, and gas goes up to over 5.00/gal, the envirowackos will cry, we should kill the oilsands.

  2. BUT, "iggy wants every Canadian to have the opportunity to live overseas". Repatriating 35 million Canadians would be costly.


  3. All reasonable human efforts are being made to evacuate Canadians, while Michael Ignatieff struts his stuff on CTV & CBC about the government not doing enough. We can't invade, we don't possess the jets we require for this purpose. The opposition is caught with their pants down - AGAIN!
    Well Mike, you can go in there via plane and parachute in (same as you did) when the Lib party chose you to run for PM and just lay it on the the line for Gaddafi - I'm sure he will understand your request and do your bidding.
    Carry a letter of reference from Paul Martin complete with photo Op he had taken dining in his tent and you could be a double winner. Throw in Paul Dewar of NDP fame for good measure and you have a superb recipe for a quick exit from life as you know it. If you don't have the intestinal fortitude to do this simple task - Shut Up!

    E Mac

  4. I must apologize for the harsh remark I made in my earlier submission.
    Shut Up was a bit much and should have read - Please keep quiet!
    Thanks for your understanding.

    E Mac

  5. It's a priviledge to be a Canadian Citizen and we must earn this.
    It confuses me because people do take the effort and trouble to become one and immidiately they go back to the country they left.
    As a Canadian Citizen, our loyality must be for Canada and we need to contribute to the fabric of this society and country that welcomed you and gave freely the right to be equal.
    Therefore if you went back to the country you gave up then dont come back when your in trouble because you chose that and its your choice.
    Why must our tax dollars pay for your return and safety.
    It's un-acceptable that you go back and live out of Canada for years after feeling secured with your Canadian Passport.
    Put your loyality in Canada first.

  6. Wouldn't it be a pleasant surprise, if just ONCE, Iffy and Jack would support the Governments efforts, particularly when lives are at stake.

    LibDips screaming do something so something for the Libyans.
    And when our troops ARE doing something for the Afghans, they want them tried as complicite in war crimes.

    I am sickened by the Opposition theatrics.

  7. Not so sure about that making big, tax free money, Mary. I think, tho not sure, now the workers have to have no property in Canada, and must reside for a good portion of the year in another country, before they get a tax break.
    Canada has tax agreements with most countries now. In the 70's you could be a sojouner, out of the country for 180 days, and pay little or no tax, if you had a good accountant.

    Hubby works on the rigs, has for 39 years,
    and I still hear the 'must be nice' thing, referring to the money of course.
    Well, as Newfoundlanders working in Alberta can attest to, it's not nice to work away from home.

    If it was, everyone would be doing it.

  8. Iggy is creepy today on CBC & CTV...and there's Bob Rae holding a Bev Oda press conference this morning...yesterday if was Dominic leblanc.Smear is their policies, aided by the media.POWER!!!

    Iggy should borrow Paul Martins CSL and head over there to get Canadians out...they must be in the area since he is buddies with the Libyia ruler.

  9. , "maybe you should have considered coming home when revolution broke out "

    Most of them ARE at home now. Canadians of convenience get their landed immigrant status,then go HOME to make the big money,always taxed at a lower rate than in Canada,and will come back here to retire and collect OAP and take advantage of our "free" health care.

    CTV did an article on this about ten years ago concerning Hong Kong "immigrants".One well educated lady said she was going to earn far more in HK,pay way lower taxes,and then would come back when she retired.She was typical of the people interviewed,just a little more frank.

    How generous we are. Or bloody stupid.


  10. Ignatieff just said in a presser that Canada should use military planes for the evacuation in Libya.

    What could possibly go wrong with that?

  11. I agree with all your comments,there's not much else to say.I do believe that Dion was a good Canadian,and believed what he said even though it was wrong.Iggy is an actor and a very poor one.I wish that Iggy,Rae,Jenkins,Dewar,and the rest of the losers would get the hell out of Canada if they hate it so much.How is it possible that P.M. Harper is wrong on everthing,it's not possible.The so-called opposition hattes Mr. Harper and should be charged with a hate crime.Gerald

  12. Let's establish a pecking order for evacuation for Canadian citizens:

    1. Canadian residents who declare their world-wide income from all sources on their Canadian tax returns and do not claim any credits relating to being overseas;

    2. Canadian residents who declare their income as above but who do claim the overseas employment tax deduction (worth quite a bit);

    3. non-residents who have Canadian citizenship but who do not file Canadian taxes because of their residency.

    You pay full taxes, you get full service. Otherwise, use the savings you have from NOT paying Canadian taxes to get yourselves out of this mess.

  13. Everyone knows what hell hole tinderboxes all those middle east countries have been for decades. They knew the dangers and managed to get there on their own I see no reason they should not get out on their own after those dangers became a reality.

  14. Dual citizenship was a liberal wet dream. If you want to be a Canadian then tear up your other passports and citizen papers. Period!

    It used to be that as members of the British Empire natural born Canadians held British citizenship also. That was taken away from us so why should we bestow others that seem to have no loyalty to Canada the priviledge of maintaining all rights in their homeland???

  15. Also any "refugee" that returns to the country they fled for a "visit" should immediately hae all rights and priviledges in Canada revoked.

  16. Paratroopers? Hmmm, didn't we get rid of the "Airborne Regiment" under Chretien, because they did their jobs too well? Could probably use them now, eh Jean?

    Squeamish Liberals want an armed Boy Scouts, not paid, well trained armed to the teeth killers, which would be what I'd want rescuing me from the likes of Ghadaffi.

    And as for "military aircraft", wouldn't a squadron or two of F-18's work better? Napalm Ghadaffi's hideout and sow the fields around it with air-dropped mines, you know the ones the NDP always scream about that are so "cruel", because they do the job right, the first time you step on one. BAM!