Friday, February 18, 2011

Ignatieff Must Resign!

The leader of the Liberal Party has been misleading the Canadian people and must resign immediately. I am calling for the creation of an online petition demanding Iggy's resignation. At the very least, can we get a Facebook group? He misleads Canadians, cannot be trusted, and his secretive hidden agenda would be an epic disaster for Canada. This man has got to go! I want every document that this man has ever signed or initialled to be forensically analyzed for any clerical errors. In the event of even a single clerical error among thousands of documents, CALL THE POLICE!

I'd like someone to start a petition that I can promote on my blog. Also, can one of you who is predisposed to making Youtube montages make a highlight reel of Liberal fury in the House of Commons when they attack female Conservative cabinet ministers? Because they turn it up to a whole new level when they are attacking a Conservative woman.

Also, if you can't appreciate sarcasm, this website probably isn't for you...

Come on, can I get a montage?


  1. For the Conservatives Iggy the is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Rob C

  2. Tell me where to sign when this gets going, and it will IMHO.
    Also, how about a petition to defund CIDA.
    Maybe the threat that they will be defunded will get someone to come out and tell the truth.
    The 7 million Bev saved us can be better used in Canada.

  3. Agree with all the above.
    Ignatieff - Not a leader and just visiting.
    Now that is not a lie...

  4. KAIROS might be considered to meet CIDA’s traditional priorities all too well.

    CIDA, we might remember, was set up by a self-confessed socialist — Maurice Strong — to promote a Salvationist view of foreign aid that has proved to be an abject failure.

    Now we know why we are seeing frothing comming from the liberals -BOB RAE uncle needs money and by george, he plans to get it at all cost.

  5. Without the MSM uttermost fight to keep the corrupt LPOC that still canada billions of dollars, the lpoc cannot survive on their own.
    Without the msm's help, the PM has managed to do what other nations are looking forward in doing as PM has done 'lower taxes; increase jobs; welcoming businesses into our nation canada and more

    Enjoy what you have at hand before:
    The MSM, LIBERALS, NDP AND BLOC takes us into the world of:
    Protectionism, higer taxes, socialism and marxism. A world of 'no turning back to where we are today.

    No Businesses, no major cooperations will allow the 'coalition socialists protectionist run their affairs; or else, they will pack up and leave. Leaving behind millions of canadians without jobs except for the MSM.
    Mind you, by that time, no money will be going into their pockets to talk 'crap' because we all be out of jobs by then.

    Canadians who have fair sum of money in their bank accounts will remove it to put it elsewhere so that the three gringos and the msm will not come after them for money.

    Thank God for the other means of communication like the BLOGS. Having to rely on the COMMUNIST SOVIET STYLE MSM for any good news is asking for nothing.

  6. This blog is turing into a joke. Bev Oda could be the first sitting Cabinet Minister to be found in contempt of Parliament and Tory supporters are making cracks about how Ignatieff should resign and falsely stating that Liberals like to attack female Conservative Ministers?? Typical Conservatives: when you don't like the issue at hand, change the subject to anythings else.

  7. I voted No, because Iggy needs to win us the next election first.

  8. Federal Liberals in charge...what a joke...look no futher than Ontario to see what transpires when they are put into power. Spend, Spend, Spend and spend some more then tax, tax, tax, and tax some more. And bold face lie about it before thanks