Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Proving Your Identity When Voting Racist?

How is it that asking someone to prove their identity at the voting booth is now blatant racism? If you listen to the Liberals on this, asking people to show their face when they vote has suddenly become some sort of twisted hate crime. Making sure that people are who they say they are for something as critically important as our electoral process is not racism. The Tories want to make this law, and the Libs are crying foul saying it is racism targeted at Muslims.

First, I have no objection to women wearing a burka in public if that's what they want to do. Sure it denigrates them as possessions of their husbands or fathers, but I will allow them that cultural preference; except when it comes to voting. I don't care if someone wants to walk around town wearing a spiderman mask, but not at the voting booth. You should produce ID when you vote and show your face. If you don't want a man to see your face, there are always women employed at the polls. By muslim culture, women are allowed to look at the faces of other women. Otherwise, what is stopping a muslim man from taking his wife's voter registration card, putting on a burka, and voting on her behalf?

Good luck Liberals if you want to take the side of covering faces when voting. I'm sure you will add lots of new votes that you did not get before...


  1. In Quebec the verdict is out. The debate has clearly been decided.

    It isn't just about voting though.Eventually it will creep into the courtroom if it already hasn't. What about witneeses, jurors?

  2. What good is showing your face if you are not required to produce photo ID? And under the new legislation, you are not. There is also nothing to ensure that people sending in a mail vote are who they're supposed to be.

  3. Why are we required to show ID for the purchase of liquor and tobacco products but not voting? Makes no sense to me. If you don't want to show ID - don't vote. Your choice. Cheers.

  4. I guess I could always plan to pull out my Marilyn Monroe mask on Election Day if I am to lazy to get my makeup on.

    What the he!!'s the difference? If they can, I can and to think otherwise is descriminating against ME.

  5. Pandering to ethnics or other assorted activists has to stop sometime,and this is as good an issue as any. Quebec's already done it,why the hell can't the ROC?

    I can't wait for the day some hijab/burkha clad person robs a bank.


  6. Dmorris,

    It's already happened a couple of times..

  7. Muslims can cover their face.But when it comes to identifying and proving your ID take it off.Since the majority of canadians arent muslim men ,they wont be offending their faith.Lefties on this world are on the wrong side on this arguement.Always have been.