Saturday, February 26, 2011

BC Liberals Vote On New Premier

Today the BC Liberals will be voting on a new leader, and I would strongly encourage anyone who is voting to vote for anybody but Christy Clark. While I am a federal Tory, I voted for the Liberal Party provincially in the last election despite calling Gordon Campbell the Sheriff of Nottingham. It was the none of the above election victory. But I will not vote for a party with Clark as its leader, even if that increases the probability of an NDP victory. Please, Abbot or Falcon, and I don't really care which one. Unless the BC Conservatives run a candidate in my riding in the next election, I am voting Green over Clark. That hurts my fingertips to even type; voting Green. But if I find myself in an election booth and my 3 choices are the NDP, a Clark led Liberal Party, or the Greens; that is not a difficult choice. The Clark name does have a bad history in BC's Premier's office. Christy is also too close to the BC rail controversy.

I can never vote NDP, especially in BC. I wish my licence plate said "je me souviens" and had a picture of the Pacificat Ferries. Ironically enough, during the 2009 BC election campaign in the first months of my blog, I worked a short assignment as a security guard patrolling the docks where two of the old Fast Cats rested in peace before they were sold to some rich Middle Eastern yacht company for pennies on the dollar.


  1. I agree with you - it is crucial to not have Clark! Either Abbott or Falcon would be fine. That said, how could you vote Green? This simply encourages a completely non-viable party who would cheer all moves to tax your commute! It is very annoying that there is no conservative option.

  2. I will be spoiling my ballot with "none of the above" if there is no conservative candidate in my riding. Under no circumstances would I give a vote to the Green party and nor should you Iceman.
    Personally I think Clark would be the best hope the BC Conservative party has for a comeback so I'm kind of ambivalent about today's vote. After the HST debacle, I think the Liberals need to be sent out to pasture even if it is Abbott or Falcon that gets the nod.

  3. The BC Liberals are destined to go the way of the Socreds.

  4. Hey all,

    I'm a federal Tory, but have voted Socred, Liberal & NDP in former provincial elections. My loathing for Clark is so intense I contemplated joining the provincial NDP just a moment ago, until my Tory good sense prevailed upon me to read their constitution.

    Article 2.04 - Individual Membership

    "Subject to the provisions of the Federal Constitution, Provincial Council shall allocate funds among the Party, the New Democratic Party of Canada, and the Provincial and Federal Constituency Associations." thanks. I don't want to help Taliban Jack while trying to defeat Clark, thankyouverymuch.

    Given the screwball nature of BC politics, you'd think the NDP wouldn't restrict people that are members from other federal parties from joining their provincial ranks. Ah, those Dippers, eh?



  5. Not what we wanted .... I just got a note from the Conservatives who are unhappy with Christy Clark, and vow to challenge this. I think they see a window, but I have no confidence that they will attract the needed leaders, supporters and potential cabinet ministers. Is there still time or do they have the right people needed?

    Most certainly, an early election should NOT happen in BC. Since this elected Liberal leader has no mandate from the public, a checkered past and few defining and clear policies, I think she needs a try-out to see how her "change" message relates to actually managing the HST/health care/Hydro issues and I want to see her produce a budget of her own.