Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ignatieff-Obama Not Invited To Royal Wedding

The Prime Minister of Canada has been invited to attend the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th, and left off the guest list are Barak Obama and the leader of Canada's so called "natural governing party" (meanwhile the King of Bahrain has been invited). One has to wonder if Iggy, who spent so much of his adult life living in England, is a little jealous. Maybe that's why he's so keen on forcing an election in March, in a vain attempt to win an invitation as Canada's PM? I expect attending the royal wedding would be a higher priority to Iggy Pop than actually governing the country. He's in this for his own personal glory, for the parties, for the attention. A royal wedding is a perfect vehicle for Iggy's vanity. He thrives in an elitist environment.


  1. They'd better hire quality doormen to keep out the riffraff. I can picture Ignotieff giving a CBC interview in the parking lot.

  2. o/t did I just hear Dipper Dewer on Solomon call for 'force' in Libya?

    When the Taliban brutally killed Afghans,
    Dippers called for 'talks'

  3. Fergie is also not invited.
    If there is an election, as predicted, on May 2, what great publicity for our PM to be seen at the Royal Wedding, and think of all the coverage this wedding will be getting during the month of April.
    Great for just a couple of day before an election for our side.
    It was announced several months ago that only leader of nations that were members of the commonwealth, (possibly former members) would be invited.
    And the invitation come to PM Harper and his wife Laureen.
    Mary T

  4. Our PM does have respect and standing. The MSM are very unhappy about it. The opposition can't accept it.

  5. I am sure there will be another trumped up scandal that week, by the CBC, CTV, Coalition parties and Liberal media like the bev oda overblown non issue , to blacken the happy event. I like the couple already...whats with Quebec?

  6. For the choice the British face is between clinging to an institution which has had its day or affirming what their history has always taught, which is that “We, the people” and not the crown are the source of all power and authority in this island.

    M. Ignatieff
    Montreal Gazette on December 12th, 1992

  7. Why on earth would Iggy be invited? He is not our PM. As for Obama, the United States is not part of the Commonwealth.

  8. We know that the US is not a part of the commonwealth but I believe Kenya is.....

  9. Inviting William and Catherine to visit Canada was also a brilliant move. That trip will again place Canada (and the PM) in the international spotlight, while affording the new princess an easy entre into her new role. I think it is great that they are going to Quebec too, as the many new Canadians there will better understand our monarchy and shift the multi-cult theme to Britain's key role in setting up most of our institutions. The Queen also knows very well that the PM is a huge supporter, and once again, it will be a wonderful and colourful Canada Day celebration. Obama has snubbed Britain and his appearance would have shifted the spotlight, so I am not surprised he and Michelle were left off the list. Iggy does not even count, but I am sure that he will try to get a photo op.