Saturday, February 26, 2011

Federal Liberals Win Big In BC Premier Race

I must offer a disappointed congratulations to the federal Liberal Party for re-seizing control of the Premier's office in British Columbia. It has been long understood (since the death of Social Credit) that the BC Liberal Party has more federal Tory voters than federal Liberals. The party did not win an election from 1941 to 2001 until Vanderzalm collapsed the Socreds, after which the right of center shifted to the Liberals. Now with the controversial selection of Christy Clark (who doesn't even hold a seat in the legislature) to replace Gordon Campbell, those Liberals (and their pets) who were actually able to cast a vote have shifted the party to the left.

Before Christy and the fans of her radio show get too excited, look at our nation's past history of a new interim leader being appointed to replace unpopular leaders without a mandate from the public. This rarely works out well. Christy Clark is destined to be another Kim Campbell or Ujjal Dosangh (at least those two had seats in the legislature when selected as replacement leaders). I'm upset because I voted for the BC Liberals in the last election, but I did not vote for Christy Clark to become Premier. Nobody anywhere on any ballot voted for Christy in the last election, because she wasn't interested in being a plain and simple MLA. There is no way I am voting for this party in the next election, even if that leads to an NDP government.

Now it is time to endorse the fledgling BC Conservative Party. They need to get their act together and run a full slate of candidates in the next election. There are going to be a lot of right wing voters looking for a new home next time we go to the polls. I would encourage people to visit their website and either sign up to join the BC Conservatives or make a financial donation, or both. The party also needs a high profile and charismatic leader (NOT Vanderzaam), hopefully to be voted on as soon as possible. Somebody like a Jay Hill. James Moore would be my #1 choice, but he is a valuable member of the federal Tory caucus.

In a very close overall victory, Christy Clark won 32 of 34 NDP ridings. That's interesting...


  1. Disaster!!!! For sure! Conservatives in BC can not put up with this crap - go to the convention in May!!! My donation is going in, like yours! James, I think, is destined for more; he could be PM in time.

    Can we steal Danielle Smith? Abbott? I think BC could do a sea change move again if all the important people moved on and left the Fibrils behind, but it will take a lot.

  2. The BC Conservative leadership is being voted on at the end of May. I am going to sign up as a party member and vote on the leadership; even though they didn't run a candidate in my riding in 2009.

  3. So let me understand this: you would rather vote for a fledging party that has no seats, risk splitting the centre right vote with the BC Liberals, and electing an NDP government?

    Although, with the bunch of yahoos running for the NDP to replace the yahoo Carole James, it doesn't seem THAT risky. But still, you can't be too careful.

  4. I don't agree with being able to sign up new members for a leadership convention like was done in BC and has been done in Alberta. Though some of our system needs to be fixed in Newfoundland and Labrador you cannot just become a member of the Progressive Conervatives if there is a leadership race, you need to be a member of the party prior to be able to vote.

    Christy Clark most likely would not have stood a chance if she wasn't able to sign up so many people, due to her "celebrity status". This happened with Ed Stelmach as well.

    The BC Liberals keep going on about how they have 90,000 new members, how many of them do you think plan on voting for the BC Liberals.

  5. I can some up this inexplicable coronation of a federal Liberal as the leader in one word... depressing. Electing a vapid, shallow, superficial, radio talk show host like Clark, whose only interest was to be Premier not a lowly MP, is a case of remarkable stupidity and shallowness.