Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paul Dewar

Having followed the "Bec Oda saga" this week, I have seen enough Paul Dewar to last me a lifetime. Has he now become the NDP's official voice for moral outrage? He had to set a personal best for time on Canadian televisions this week. I don't know if he has been guest co-hosting the Soloman Show or just hanging out a lot at TV networks. He gets my mute button. There are opposition members that I enjoy watching, but I'm out on Paul Dewar. I'll still listen to Jack Layton, but I can no longer endure Dewar, Mulcair, Martin, Davies, and among others. The Liberals don't send John MacCallum out to do the politics shows as much as they used to. Wonder why?

I called for Helena Guergis' resignation before the PM actually removed her from caucus. Not this time. I support Bev Oda and don't believe she did anything wrong, other than a staffer making a clerical error. The question that I'd like to have answered but likely never will, is when did the Liberal Party first learn of this allegedly controversial memo?


  1. Read this, written by a liberal, defending Oda

    I agree with your description of Dewar.

  2. Just read A Few Figs-Some Sober Second Thought? Perhaps, I think it makes since, iggy was sitting on this memo. iggy gets record breaking low in the polls and they pull out the memo.

  3. How many spokesperson/s are there for the Coalition besides the msm that speak for the liberals only?

    I gather from the coalition that Dewar was elected.

  4. Bleck...and double bleck....seen enough of him too... :-)

  5. Iceman, it is curious that Embassy magazine would put in an access to information request to see the 'memo',
    espcially considering that at least 19 special interest groups have had their funding requests rejected by this Ministry, and I don't recall this kind of witch hunt or pile on, in any other case.

    Perhaps the answer is in something Greg Weston said on Solomon's Power and Politics, about the senior civil service

    Weston says:
    “Good for us potentially, because, I think, I’m hearing more and more from the senior public service saying ‘enough’.
    And if they turn against the Harper Government there is no more feroucious enemy because they have all the brown envelopes.”

    starts at 18:45 mark

    I'm thinking Weston's brown envelope holders are going to be a wee bit reluctant to give this guy any scoops.

  6. The Liberal maggot media want to run the country.Strange...this was in 2009 and here it appears in 2011.How convenient for Iggy and his Coalition buddies.Must be a Liberal plant in the Govt. supplying these corrupt SOB's. I don't trust that behind the scenes, hard working, dirt digging ,crew...199 Liberal mis-deads and all we get in all the media coverage across the country is about a NOT.
    There is Mansbridge on "AT ISSUE" saying..." I think we KINDA know about this issue". Seems on CBC they run with their smear campaign with their biased panel of know it alls,even when they KINDA THINK they know anything. Liberal all the way.Hubert(who made her an expert) comparing this with the sponsorship scandal? COYNE saying the Govt. is worrying about their electorial fortunes? Gregg saying women don't like the Cons. govt?They leave women out to dry?Mansbridge saying look what they did to Helena Guergis. OMG....Mansbridge and CBC did it to her for 2 weeks on CBV "The National".
    Its all very much so I can't go on.

  7. Here's a LIBERAL who did his homework, which is more then i can say for CBC...

  8. And Westboro will vote for him until he retires. His mom was mayor and they love the Dewar dynasty. My vote against him in the second to last election was a lonely one.

    And yes, I can't stand his self righteousness, but he is certainly good at being self righteous

  9. Where was Paul Dewers moral outrage when Libby Davis(NDP) was running down Israel?....she is still sitting there beside Layton.

  10. Dewer needs to get a haircut and get the grease out of his hair.
    Can this individual not afford a comb?
    The voice of the NDP - not relevant.