Monday, February 14, 2011

British Columbia's Next Premier

Today's poll question; who would you like to see replace Liberal Gordon Campbell as Premier of British Columbia? Have you signed up to vote on the leadership? You might want to check and make sure, because evidently many BCers are being signed up for the Liberal Party without their consent. Even people's pets are being recruited to vote for our next Premier. I know that interest in this leadership race may not be very high outside BC, but the amount of alleged fraud taking place should be a national story.

I am supporting George Abbott. If Christy Clark becomes Premier, I'm voting for the Green Party in the next election. Hopefully the BC Conservatives run a full slate of candidates next time, because it is not a happy experience to get into a voting booth and be presented with 3 choices: Liberal, NDP, and Green. It is enough to make your head explode.


  1. The BC Liberals are actually quite right-wing and are a coalition of federal Conservatives and Liberals. I might hold my nose and vote for the BCLibs under Christy Clark, because she would be better than anything the NDP offered.

  2. Oh yeah, a carbon tax is very right wing.

    They are farther to the right than the NDP, but they are certainly not a conservative party. I voted for them despite being a partisan Tory. If you look at the numbers, a lot of federal Liberal supporters had to vote NDP in the last election. You have Tories voting Liberal and Liberals voting NDP. That's BC, but I at least want a palitable option if the BC Conservatives aren't going to run a full slate. Christy Clark ain't it. I'll vote Green before I vote for Christy.

    Remember, Social Credit dominated BC politics for 40 years. When they collapsed under Vander Shazaam, all the right minded people jumped on the next best life boat, but have always wanted a ship of their own.

  3. I really like the BC Liberals. I'm between a right-wing federal Liberal and a moderate federal Conservative and from what I've paid attention too in BC politics I've agreeed with most of what Gordon Campbell has done.

    I wish I knew a bit more about the leadership candidates but from what I have read on them my choice would probably be Kevin Falcon. I've read that he's quite right-wing but looking at his policies I don't see that.

    I'm hoping I won't have trouble watching the leadership convention from St. John's. I'm interested in seeing how Christy Clarke actually does.

  4. Tory, that's because you're either a fucking upper class citizen that doesn't seem to look at the middle and lower classes, or live in another fucking province. There's a reason his approval rating is 4%. Stupid fuck. If you don't agree, look at ICBC paying him off for their insurance monopoly.