Friday, February 18, 2011

"Foreign Hackers" vs "Government Secrecy"

In a tale of two Canadian political shows, Don Martin and Evan Soloman decided to lead their programs with different stories on Thursday. Don led with the major story that China had allegedly hacked the Canadian Finance Department computers, while Evan led with the headline "GOVERNMENT SECRECY". Good ole E-Solo was in full throttle sanctimonious mode. Granted, I had to leave and did not stick around for the whole show so I can really only comment on the first 5 minutes before I changed the channel. Sadly I no longer have the ability to stomach a full two hours of Soloman. By the way, how ridiculous is it that they give this guy two whole hours every week day? The late great Don Newman only got an hour. Do any single host political television shows in North America get two hours? It is way too much of a bad thing.

That transition between Newman and Soloman still leaves me scratching my head. Change the name of the show from "Politics" to "Power and Politics" and give the kid double the air time. What?


  1. Unlike Mike Duffy and Dan Martin, just maybe
    Evan Solomon wants to be more balanced reporting
    and is not interested in partisan reporting in order to become a conservative senator.

  2. Balanced reporting from the CBC? Never happened.

  3. "Balanced Reporting " + CBC in the same sentance?
    HO Ho Hooo Ha HAA HAaaaaa thank you for that.

  4. I always admired your ability to stomach the CBC. I don't know anyone that actually watches Canadian 'political commentary'. (or publicly will admit to it)

    I review web clips when bloggers point out bias on a specific post.

    Micheal Coren is the only show that promotes a balanced list of guests.

  5. Soloman is sooooo horrible. I can't be the only one who usually knows exactly what he's going to say before he says it. That's not even entertainment and is a far cry from anything approaching journalism.

    Defund the CBC.

  6. Perception is everything.If the media can frame a perception that the govt is hiding something it wont matter if its true or not.
    It amazes me how the CBC has survived for so long.
    But to each there own.Its better that lefties speak where we can see them bright as day than in secrecy eh?


    P.S i saw the letter from the Alfred Apps going on about lying in the Oda affair.Where was this guy during Adscam?When the former PM Chretien admits to lying to Canadians and faces charges for robbing peter to pay paul then lets talk.