Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Selling Blogging Tories

With the news that AOL has purchased Huffington Post for a cool $315 million dollars, I wonder how much money the Blogging Tories would be worth if Stephen Taylor and Craig Smith were looking to sell to a company like Bell or Rogers. Obviously the Huffington Post is worth much more because it focuses on the United States which has a substantial larger local and global audience to appeal to. The Blogging Tories site has a persistent and loyal audience which would carry with it a value, but who are largely interested in Canadian issues.

We have 1/10th the population of the United States, so right away you'd have to bump the price down to $35 million. There are far more people outside of the United States who follow American politics than foreigners interested in Canadiam politics, plus the Huffington Post has higher standing in America than the BTs in Canada. Maybe, they could get $5 - $10 million dollars if they tried to sell their venture to a major telecom. Though unlike the Huffington Post, the Blogging Tories is not currently monetized, so there is no framework by which to value an accurate purchase price. My question to Stephen Taylor would be, what would the price have to be for you to sell?

Will any of that "Huffpo" money go to the bloggers who create most of the content which drives the site? It is unclear if Arianna is going to share any of her bounty with her unpaid bloggers.


  1. $315 m is a bargain compared to the $1 Billion + plus we pay for the CBC (to hide their expenses), every year.

    here's the latest refusals from the CBC

    ''...May 2010 request asked for the expenses of Peter Mansbridge’s trip to Britain and the Netherlands in April and May of that year.
    CBC refused to release any expenses, including totals spent on hospitality and travel during the trip.

    CBC also refused to release anything related to Mansbridge’s participation in the Bilderberg meeting, an annual gathering of the world’s political and business elites.
    Despite refusing to release any documents, a CBC spokesman did confirm that Mansbridge paid his own way and went on his own time.

    A similar request was made for travel and hospitality payments for former CBC commentator Heather Mallick.
    Expenses for Mallick, who once compared Sarah Palin to a “porn actress,” are also being kept secret by CBC...''

  2. Good point Wilson, 1.2 BILLION a year for the CBC lefties so, I say the Blogging Tories price should be based on the CBC taxpayer funded bloggers,like Katty O'Maulconservatives who refuse to reveal anything except their Liberal biases. That should net the Blogging Tories over 20-30 million. Stephen and Craig, you are rich! On paper.

  3. Buying bloggingtories would be redundant for the MSM, there's no difference in the content here and what you can read in any Canwest or Sun Media publication anyway.

    Progressivebloggers would probably fetch more because then they could censor what's being put out.

    Its not always about making money, news and commentary has a value in of itself.