Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NDP "Taking Aim"

Gee, talk about bad taste in this new era of political civility, the NDP now has a map on their website with targets spread across a map of Canada proclaiming "Taking Aim: The NDP's region by region plan to send Harper packing" (thank you Kate at Small Dead Animals for pointing it out). Are the Dippers borrowing a page from Sarah Palin's playbook? Did they see her putting targets on a map and say "what a fantastic idea"? And all this after Obama's civility in politics speech...shame...what would Marth Hall Findlay say?

I only hope some misguided kook doesn't see the NDP website and do something stupid. If only the NDP stopped to think how their strategy might be in bad taste and possibly contribute to violent unrest. That's not responsible leadership Jack. I am very disappointed in you.


  1. Doesn't matter HOW much the NDP targets my riding, it would be a cold day in hell before I vote for them.

  2. Leave it to the NDP to bring a dart to a gun fight! BWHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Oh for gawd's sake, at the website Jack says Harper is nervous about Dippers in Alberta....

    o/t but news you and I both will like Iceman.
    new sports arenas across Canada (you),
    no new federal cash (me).

    Harper govt 'considering' changing restriction of use of muni/prov gas tax refunds to include those arenas they want so bad.

    No new money, just use what the feds already give the cities to build roads/bridges etc,
    if Edmonton or Quebec City would rather have arenas than bridges, decision is yours Mayor's across Canada.....perfect.

    Tories consider gas-tax tweaks to foot bill for arenas