Monday, February 7, 2011

Did Ignatieff Come Back To Canada For Algonquin Park?

In recent weeks I have often found myself asking the question; why is Ignatieff back in Canada? That is the subject of today's poll question. I know how much he missed Algonquin Park while spending virtually his entire adult life living abroad, but I can't imagine that's the only reason he came back. Perhaps he wanted to help the Tories win a majority? If so, he has been doing a great job laying the foundation for the destruction of the Liberal Party. Even Stephane Dion can laugh at Iggy's likability numbers. As a partisan Tory, I love it when Ignatieff tours the country because it really helps the Conservative brand.

I was also thinking today, while it is a nice quote that the only think Iggy missed about Canada for 30 years abroad was Algonquin Park, the Tories have a few MPs that were elected in the Greater Algonquin Park area. You have to wonder if people who live near the park might become more likely to vote for Iggy?


  1. Golden Parachute Federal MP pension?

    Harris ended the gravy train for Ontario MPPs.

    Like many immigrants he was oversold on the job prospects?

  2. The Greater Algonquin Park area is actually surrounded by Conservative seats, only one Liberal MP in the general area. There are some NDP seats to the north, but Liberals are extremely scarce in these parts. Under Iggy they are likely to remain so.

  3. No wonder there is no patriotic Canadians, one is because we have people like Iggy running for office that had not been democratically placed their and secondly, too much politics for power and no concern for the people. GOD HELP CANADA.