Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iggy Cold As Ice

Why is it that every time the leader of the Liberal Party goes skating, it suddenly becomes headline news? Is Donolo just calling in favours? Is it a slow news cycle? What gives? Great, the guy can stand up on skates; this is a major news story and belongs in a constant loop on CTV and CBC new channels. His big clip of the day "I'm a Liberal, I'm very generous." I agree Mike, but I would say that the Liberal Party is just a little too generous, evidenced by the 2005 Martin-Layton "bromance".

And is it just me, or does he give off a creepy vibe around children? I'm not talking about criminal creepy, but rather awkward creepy. I know that he abandoned his own children in England years ago, so I don't blame him for not being comfortable around kids.


  1. One leader puts on skates to play hockey, the other puts on skates to mince about for others to watch. Tough to figure out which is more Canadian.

  2. I caught the CBC and CTV sales job of Granpa Iggster skating around with adoring children of "Liberal" party employees. I didn't realize it was Iggo at first and thought to myself... who is that old lady skating around in mens skates in a pathetically, staged photo-op ? ... oh it's American Igg. Message to the media and the "Liberal" party... it's not 1968 anymore. Whats next, pantless Igg sliding down a bannister with his shirt tucked in his underpants?

  3. This is just great! My morning smile.
    Another photo op gone horribly wrong. Dont'cha just love it?
    Perhaps Mr. Ignatieff needs to do another retake (or two) - Like the Steve Murphy CTV interview with Mr. Dion.
    Ah! The gift that keeps on giving, some guys just can't ever get it right.

    Good Day.

    E Mac

  4. There have him skating because they don't want him to open his mouth, since he's always putting his foot in it.
    Same thought I had about him dumping his own kids, and now they have him surrounded with kids.Disengenerous "Just Visiting" Iggy once again trying to fool Canadians

  5. Granpops Iggy with da props

  6. "Whats next, pantless Igg sliding down a bannister with his shirt tucked in his underpants?"

    Thanks for that mental picture...LOL