Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Canadian Middle East Democracy Policy

Today's poll question; what should be Canada's policy on the current and future democratic revolutions in the Middle East? Do we vocally encourage them or even actively assist them? Do we stay out of it? There is an inherent instability to revolutions with uncertain outcomes, and we are right to fear what happens if the whole region erupts in civil disobedience leading to a sudden catastrophic decline in the global crude oil supply. And yet as I look at the map, there is not a Middle Eastern dictator that I would not feel satisfied by their ouster from power (except King Abdullah in Jordan; he is not only my favourite in the Arab world, he's my only favourite. I would rank King Hussein as the best all-time).

So what should be Canada's official policy on current and future democratic revolts in the Middle East? Thus far I think the Prime Minister has said exactly what he should have. These revolts cannot end in the status quo. As a wise philosopher once said; "you can't put the toothpaste back into the tube"...

I am a non-religious person who strongly supports the right of Israel to exist (I am a student of History, it was my minor at University). Now is a really good time to have Benjamin Netanyahu at the steering wheel. Olmert was a dud, so was Livni.


  1. I don't think we can expect the 'left' as dependable allies in our efforts to depose dictators in the world.

    In most cases they would rather do nothing and just talk it out.

    We had the conscription crisis that saw the PC party wiped out in QC until Mulroney led them. (57 years)

    Who is willing to send our troops in harms way to remove the despots? If Libya why not others?

    What did the left do with our efforts in Afghanistan?

  2. Like you my favourite Middle Eastern ruler is King Hussein of Jordan. He my favourite mostly because he is dead and has been so for some time.

  3. Thanks Anonymous. I some times mix up the father and son. Hussein was the one who made peace with Israel and kicked Arafat out of Jordan. I don't know that his son has done anything as noble. Isn't Hussein the one with the really hot wife who is always on Larry King?

  4. I voted to encourage Libyans on.Using gunships and mercenaries against mainly defenseless protestors is evil and wrong.Violates the geneva convention and the UN declaration of human rights.
    Ghadaffi earned himself an enemy in this corner of the net.
    This is an issue Italy and Greece should take the lead on.They can provide logistical and military air support for Eastern Libya.If Europe needs our help they can ask us.


  5. A lot of pundits have been so wrong about the revolutions. Glenn Beck is probably the worst. I am a conservative and I wish that conservatives on both sides of the border would stand up and start speaking up about this. The revolutions in the ME are:
    1) going to be successful
    2) going to bring about REAL democracy
    3) going to completely destroy hard-core muslim extremist movements

    This is what pundits have been asking for for years now. It's always been "where are the moderates?". Now that they've taken to the streets you abandon them and accuse them of being the extremists? That's wrong man. Such an opportunity particularly in the US. Obama is looking like a dunce on this.