Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maxime Bernier's Role In Caucus

Today's poll question; how do you see Maxime Bernier's role in the Tory caucus? Is he an asset, headache, or neutral factor? There are now even otherwise right wing journalists proclaiming him to be some kind of grave headache for the Prime Minister, meanwhile he is an MP who is very popular in a large heavily populated pocket of Quebec. I tend to think that he is a very strong asset for the Conservative Party, even if he sometimes shares opinions that are not tangible as federal policy.

Truthfully, language police should be a provincial matter. I have always found their existence to be silly, though I'm sure their reign has produced many horror stories that I'm sure Maxime has listened to in forming his opinion. There is nothing wrong with him having this opinion, and I do not see it as a rogue MP creating problems for the Prime Minister.


  1. Can you imagine how this would go over if Stehpen Harper had brought this up???? Perhaps here is method in getting Mad Max to do it.

    I don't thin the Tories are as unhappy as the media is making them out to be???

  2. They'd give their left testicle to have him cross the floor,,,, hipocrites....

  3. Nah!Not from where i sit.He calls it as he sees things.He's works for me.Just keep an eye on those unions out there in quebec from stirring up nonsense.


  4. Iggy's a 'One Ball Man' and he's off to the rodeo. ;)

  5. Maxine is smoking out the NDP on the Bill 101 issue which is not a winner for them and cost them votes outside Quebec.
    Thomas Mulcair in a desperate losing attempt to hold on to his seat in Quebec , the only NDP seat in the province, will cost the NDP party thousands of votes in the rest of Canada and likely some seats with his unwavering support for Bill 101.
    This bill is an attack on minority rights in the province of Quebec and can not be disguised as anything less. The courts will have to continue to uphold the constitutional rights of all Canadian citizens and all Canadian citizens must rally and come to their aid because they could be next.
    For every vote the NDP get in Quebec for their support of the undemocratic and unconstitutional Bill 101, they will lose 40 in the rest of Canada and all this in a failing attempt to try and hold one NDP seat in Quebec.
    The NDP fail to see that Mulcair under his skin is still a separatist gaining points for them and advancing their agenda in the federal arena, at the expense of the NDP.

  6. Max drives the separatists nutz,
    defintely an asset!