Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stay Frosty Jack

I know how badly the NDP would like to avoid an election, but the Prime Minister has now said that he won't negotiate with socialists; though he will invite them to his office for 40 minutes to hear their demands. After listening to Jack Layton outline what he needed to support the budget, the PM announced that they will release the best possible budget for the country and no longer compromise matters with pork barrel spending just to stay in power. CTV's Barney Fife said after the Layton-Harper meeting that the Prime Minister was likely to take the deal in order to stay in power because he likes power.

At this point in time the PM will do what's best for the country in the budget and dare the opposition to vote against it. After seeing the most recent rounds of byelections, the NDP have to be scared shitless, and if they aren't, they bloody well should be. They might just accept a budget that does not contain any of their suggestions. I know the NDP is running around declaring candidates, and we know that they have a green screen and a webcam in their campaign headquarters just incase...


  1. Good decision Mr. PM.
    Watch how quickly Jack will switch to the compromise position and pull a Mr. Ignatieff Flip-Flop moment in history.
    The election threat is not a game-changing factor here and he knows it.
    The Cons need to keep up the pressure on the opposition who show much bravado but have little choice to do anything else. Paper tigers as it were.
    There is a precise French term I could use here, but it echos a (bleep) due to not meeting the specs of the Iceman's...er gentlemanly dialogue.

    E Mac

  2. Look what happened last time, when PM Harper listened to the Coalition so they wouldn't bring him down...we ended up with the deficte that they throw in PM Harpers face every chance they get.
    This time around he will go with his better judgment....not Doucette/Layton blackmail.

  3. Even if Jack doesn't cave, enough Lib MPs will, and the budget will go through. There are just no compelling enough reasons (eg good poll numbers) for the Libs to fight an election now.

    All this sound and fury from the usual suspects signifies nothing. Have these brainiacs forgotten how "Mr. Harper, you're time is up" ? played out ? So it would seem.

    Calgary Junkie

  4. The only way Libs have to dump Iffy is with a general election,
    tho there is supposed to be a leadership review this spring.
    Maybe if Iffy's numbers are low enough, he will quit.
    Costly and messy.

    This performance the LibDips put on is repulsive.
    Attack each other over supporting the elected government as if it is immoral,
    but have no quams forming a govt with the separatists.

  5. So what are the chances Iffy's 'connections in high places in the Obama administration' will rush to his aid in the next election?

    Interview with Gary Doer:

    Q: What does President Obama think of Canada?

    A: The bottom line is that the President and his people trust the Prime Minister.
    He’s a straight shooter, he tells it like it is.
    I know from people in the White House—and I’ve heard from very senior people I know personally in the White House—that [before meetings with other foreign leaders] they get a read from the Prime Minister about how the meeting is going to shake down and how each participant is going to deal with an issue.
    When you are a new President you don’t know how a meeting is going to develop and how different people are going to participate on an issue of interest to the U.S.
    That has been something that has been valued in the U.S.
    When you have a powerful person going into their first meeting it’s useful to have someone you trust going into those meetings.
    They trust his nose on how issues will develop at the meetings...''


    The Libluvin media and the opposition spend every waking minute trying to break down the trust Canadians have in PMSH,
    who does Obama trust?
    Stephen Harper

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