Monday, February 7, 2011


This story caught my attention in the Sunday edition of the Vancouver Province; Christy Clark, one of the candidates to replace Gordon Campbell as British Columbia's Liberal Premier is now mired in a controversy that her campaign staff are registering their pets to become Liberal members who will get an internet or mail in vote for the next Premier. It is unclear who exactly registered the pets, but when asked about it the staffer said that the cat was a relative. One of the staffers of leadership rival George Abbott made a website called kittens4christy, that mocked cats being signed up to vote on the next Premier. Meanwhile, we don't yet seem to know who registered the cat to vote for the next Liberal Premier of BC. If someone affiliated to the campaign of one of her rivals signed up the cat to vote, then that should be penalized.

There should be an investigation into possible fraud in the BC Liberal leadership race.


  1. Eventually,Christy will continue the time honoured tradition of signing up dead people for "The Party".

    Alex G.Tsakumis at "Rebel With a Cause" is doing the job the MSM refuses to do about Christy Clark.

    The woman should be anticipating a date witha Royal Commission of enquiry over her dealings in the sale of BC Rail,NOT anticipating a mandate to run the Province!

    Concerned British Columbians should demand a full enquiry,and adopt an "anybody BUT Clark" attitude.


  2. Dear Wild Rose Party of Alberta,

    Could you please loan us some of your organizers, as those of us who actually pay the bills are desperate here for a new party in B.C. that is neither corrupt nor frightening.

    Real taxpayers of B.C.