Monday, February 7, 2011

"Bernier Blow Out"

Maxime Bernier is a popular MP who often expresses his opinions even if they are not pragmatic as government policy. He has been doing this since he entered politics, but sure enough the moment he says something controversial the media begins to pounce with headlines like "Bernier Blow Out", "Mad Max blows up", etc. Both Soloman and Martin had fun with this story on their shows today. It was obvious that Evan was really enjoying this.

Personally I don't see what's so controversial, expressing a personal opinion about language police. There is no way this is going to be adopted by the Prime Minister as federal Tory policy. The potential downside if it goes awry is greater than the upside. Just weighing it pragmatically, the downside risk eliminates this from the federal agenda. Sometimes you have to be realistic instead of idealistic, which is how Stephen Harper has governed.

Maxime won his seat by an overwhelming majority in 2008. He beat the Bloc 62% to 14%, and that was after the whole snafu with his ex-girlfriend. He is very popular with the people who elected him. This was a personal opinion which will not become government policy.


  1. It is my assessment that Bernier speaks for many Quebecers and could be a secret weapon despite what the Martins and Solomons think. They are both pundits that are not privy to anything of substance.
    In fact, the comparison to Helena Guergis was just plain ignorant. (on PP)

    I hope he keeps it up, with a respectful sense of moderation because he does need to read the tea leaves (mood) correctly or he could end up looking like a renegade to his voters. At this point, he's refreshing and I believe his boss knows that and is privately cheering him on!

  2. I am impressed with the CBC attempts in trying to revive the Liberal party as a credible alternative.

    A single MP that resigned from cabinet has been outspoken on many issues.

    The fact the CBC are spending time covering him gives credence to the lack of policy and momentum in the Liberal party.

    The more time Conservatives have the limelight the better. Canadian vote in and vote out a government.

    I have no problem with an MP raising his own views for public debate.

  3. I also find Bernier to be refreshing and mostly agreeable but then I used to find Stephen Harper refreshing too... until he became Prime Minister.

  4. It is great to hear common sense coming out of Quebec, I am cheering him on!

    The CPP guy with Don Martin, MP Rickford, was pretty lame in distancing the government from this, don't think he believed what he was saying.

  5. Like Canada (Trudeauvia), inside Quebec some people are more equal than others, and pointing this out is strictly verboten. Bernier is a Quebecer who chooses to look beyond the end of his own nose, and is able to see the divisiveness, and history distorting nature of his Provinces racist language laws. Quebec citizens like Bernier are intelligent and brave, and a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnating, stiflingly, sterile Trudeauvian environment that declares that disagreeing with State imposed French language laws is not to be tolerated. Good on Bernier for exposing the inherently racist nature of Bill 101 and other manufactured, forced French language laws, that are imposed in order to perpetuate divisiveness, denial, and intolerance, and keep the lobsters in the trap.

  6. Further more, the fact that CBC and CTV "Liberal" party shills like Soloman and Martin fall on the side of the Separatists agenda is not in any way a surprise, nor out of character for those individuals or the organizations they work for.

  7. hmmm
    -free speech
    -stir up a debate in Quebec, led by CPC MP
    -MPs not muzzled by PM Harper
    -CPC respects Provincial jurisdiction
    Our Max had a good day!

  8. On the CTV Power Play program today, although some panelists tried to twist the argument, that to oppose Bill 101 was to repudiate bilingualism in this country, the fact and undeniable truth is the exact opposite. Can anything be more obvious and conclusive – that it is the support of Bill 101 that is a repudiation of bilingualism and minority rights in Canada . To demonize opponents of Bill 101 as unpatriotic, or guilty of not upholding or opposing the constitution is a losing argument that would only be advanced by a moron.

    I think the question that politicians and political pundits should be answering is

    Do you think Bill 101 infringes on freedom, infringes on individual rights as guaranteed Canadians by the constitution of Canada?

    Let’s separate the chaff from the wheat and get a simple answer to that question, and then ask whose rights are they prepared to infringe upon next and not defend?
    Why would they think that the people whose rights are guaranteed by the constitution and are being trampled on , should not react, and demand protection by their government, if it is not a banana republic.
    Isn’t it strange how they can give us contradictory positions and double talk when it comes to minority rights, insult our intelligence and treat us like turnips?
    If politicians choose to pull a Neville Chamberlain and travel the country, waving a piece of paper and pronouncing peace in our time, and we choose to follow rather than address the injustice and discrimination, we will end up with the same disastrous results Chamberlain had, make no mistake.

  9. The separatists say the debate is over,
    but they only represent 35-40% of Quebecers.

    Since 1995 Quebec population relative to the ROC has decreased 2%, from 25-23%.
    Highly educated people leave Quebec after they get their cheap education,
    immigrants land in Quebec because of the easier entry but leave within months to start up businesses in Ont, BC and Ab....

    this is what Bill 101 and the separatists have done to their 'nation',
    stunted the growth and prosperity of Quebecers in exchange for unionized free-be hand outs,
    and thusly created a culture where 'Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada'.

    And Quebec polsters say:

    ''...The Leger Marketing survey last May ...
    among francophones,
    a clear majority -- 61% -- supported choice in education....'

    Read more: