Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scott Reid "Kiss My Ass"

A warning to any pundit out there who might bring up Scott Reid's "beer and popcorn" debacle in a debate with the former Martin communications director, you just might get a nasty response. Tom Flanagan learned that lesson on the Tuesday edition of the Soloman Show, when Reid told him to "kiss my ass". Though I suppose that was better decorum than saying "Alberta can blow me". I would love to know how much money the CBC spent on Scott Reid's work in 2010, though I expect that access to information request to be denied. This guy should not be getting a tax funded pay cheque to spout his vitriol.

I would start a poll question; would you rather kiss Scott Reid's ass or "blow" him, but that would be in bad taste. Bottom line, this guy should not be collecting a CBC pay cheque. I checked out the CBC website tonight and the clip was not posted. Perhaps somebody can post a link when one becomes available?


  1. There has been an uproar last year, funded by George Nazi Soros, over SunTV News because it may be too partisan. Funny thing that George Nazi Soros, with all his money can't afford a TV that tunes in the CBC and Scott Reid, because I'm sure this kind of hyper-partisanship would cause him to fund an internet poll campaign to have Reid taken off-air.

  2. LOL,
    what's with Liberals and there obsession with their own body parts?

  3. Buried? If this was Tom Flannigan it would be news for a week.

    Why did Flannigan appoligize for bringing up Reids "Beer & Popcorn remark? Guess it was to keep his CBC panel spot.

    Some family show. SMUT mouthed Reid...true Liberal.

  4. Does he have lacy underwear on that he would have to remove.
    Isn't the democrats logo a donkey. Will we see cartoons with Scott eating popcorn and drinking beer while sitting on a donkey named iggy.
    Mary T

  5. I was watching the clip and Tom could not stop laughing and Scott knew he was going to be called on his remarks.

    Without hesitation he demonstrated his lack of understanding on what has changed for families.

    Liberals believe Ottawa know best and they should decide how parents should raise their children.

    It's a no win for them.

    Recycling their 1993 Red Book including Daycare is going to back fire during the actual campaign.

    The CBC and the rest of the liberal friendly media won't be able to save them.

  6. I would have bought up Scott Reid's "Kill him, kill him dead" column in the Slop&Pail. That I want to see. When is someone going to call him and the newspaper to account on that?

  7. What leads you to believe Scott Reid is a CBC employee? Most people who appear on panels do it for free.

  8. o/t
    Report shows StatsCan torqued the crime numbers

    "...When all of the omissions are factored in, Mr. Newark concludes, the evidence suggests that, “serious violent crime is increasing, contrary to the report’s highlight claims.”

  9. Actually many pundits who appear regularly on the Politics show do collect an appearance fee. I don't know if Scott is making enough at his consulting firm to waive his entitlement. It would be worth an access to info request if I knew I could get a straight answer.

  10. RayK says:
    ''..Most people who appear on (CBC) panels do it for free...''

    Just how would YOU know that?
    CBC won't release information regarding who what CBC personel get paid,
    even after the Info Commish and the Courts demanded they do.

  11. ''..Most people who appear on (CBC) panels do it for free...''

    The CBC doesn't do anything for FREE! I'm sure there is at least a $200 lunch in there somewhere.

  12. CBC basically told the courts when ordered to open their books to "KISS MY ASS"

    LPOC was ordered by GOMERY to return to Canadians the $40Million. The LPOC basically told Gomery to "KISS MY ASS"

    The Canadian National MSM basically told Canadians "KISS MY ASS"- that you not going to get the 'positive' news

    So, why not Lib Scott Reid.

    For many years canadians have been trying to get answers from the MSM but were met with "kiss my ass' attitude.

    Immigrants comming here and see what they see in the msm basically or most likely say "KISS OUR ASSES MSM-we have our own media.

    Jack Layton knows where to park his socialism-THE MSM.

  13. Your video has been posted. :)