Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do You Tweet?

Today's poll question; do you use Twitter? I have asked this question before, and last time it was well under 20%. That was over one year ago and Twitter seems to have risen in popularity in politics and pop culture. Lady Gaga can tweet one Youtube clip and turn a Winnipeg girl into an overnight celebrity. The kid posts a clip of her singing a Lady Gaga song, and the next day a limo is picking her up from school.

I use Twitter for website content, where I collect short thoughts and respond to other people's tweets (which is then posted on my blog). I have 900 career tweets and currently sit at 84 Twitter followers. So I get a new follower for just over ever 10 tweets. Tony Clement has 2,678 tweets and 11,502 followers, so he gets roughly 4 new followers for each tweet. I'm not jealous, he has a higher profile, ran for leader of the Conservative Party, and is on TV on a regular basis. Stephen Taylor has over 8,000 tweets and just under 11,000 followers. Tony has a better slugging percentage.

One thing that a lot of people do is follow as many people as possible, because if you follow someone they are more likely to follow you. Tony Clement follows over 10,000 people (including @pragmatictory). I follow 35. I try to keep my list short because I don't want to flood my Twitter page. People who Tweet way too much bother me, even if I like their opinion. I don't like to log in, and just see one person with 30 tweets in the last hour, drowning out everyone else. There are at least 15 people that I used to follow but stopped following for no other reason than they tweeted way too much.


  1. This site is great, I had no idea that the right of center types (I mean look at these stupid poll results!)was so unlikely to use Twitter. That is interesting. You guys need to get out more or start using Twitter. Ninety percent and more of every spoken word on the subject of Oda is Angry with her and Baffled at Harper's incredible nerve.

    Do not be seen to hold on too long. Harper's ship will not weather the coming storm. Do not go down with his ship! He is Wrong here. He is Very wrong!

  2. Can't be too much room left under the mail room guys bus, move over Helena.

  3. Twitter is for twits. IMO of course, your mileage may vary.

  4. I make a commitment to Tweeting because my visitors can read my recent Tweets on my website without going to Twitter. I treat Twitter as my own personal comment section near the top left hand side of my blog. It is blog content as much as a seperate venture.