Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liberals-NDP Merging Their Complaining

Don Martin had a funny quote yesterday on CTV Newsnet when he mused that the Liberals and NDP question selection in Question Period seems remarkably similar, as though they are attending the same briefing meetings. They seem to have adopted a common platform in the first few days of the latest sitting of Canadian Parliament. Corporate taxes, pensions, fighter jets, and a few other attack points are being equally adopted by both opposition parties.

What's ironic though is that it is the Liberals who have shifted to NDP positions, not visa versa. The Liberals supported these corporate tax cuts until Thinkapalooza, when somebody likely presented focus group data suggesting the Liberals could attract NDP votes if the party switches sides on a point they previously agreed with. The Liberals were the ones who signed us up for the F-35 project, the Tories just continued the Liberal plan. Thanks Liberals, for buying us into the F-35 project. Oh wait, now you are against it? How much would you bet that the NDP were always against it? But I suppose even Bill Gates knows what's wrong with the F-35s, right Mike?

Wasn't Ignatieff supposed to be the guy who was supposed to exist near the Tory left flank? If he's shifting left and has decided to start targeting NDP votes, he risks losing the Liberal right flank. If you've watched any Question Period, it seems like the Liberals are REALLY trying to sound like the NDP. What's up with that?


  1. Nothing is up with that!
    The Libs are still delusional and extremely disorganized.
    Flip-flop, flip-flop, some things never change in their world!

    E Mac

  2. In response to Don Martin who finds the lib/dip similarities


    And we noticed for years that the media attentions towards the libs and towards the libs new coalition pals the NDP and the Bloc.
    So Don, when one coalition party is absent the other coalition speak for both.

    And when it comes to the national telivision pundits and their reporters "they all sing the same chorus "WE LOVE THE LIBS AND COALITION."

  3. "Liberals" are slimy, avaricious, opportunists who stand for nothing. "Liberals" will do and say anything to "get back to power", and if that means stealing NDP policy, or crawling into the gutter with Separatists, than so be it. It's unfortunate that Canada doesn't have an ideologically free media that could hold the "Liberals" to account for their obvious flip flops and their convenient, shape shifting, hypocrisy.