Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"When elections loom, Liberal support collapses"

John Ivison brought up a great point in his most recent piece in the National Post, that whenever the Liberals decide to start moving towards an election, their support collapses. It happened in 2009 after Iggy's infamous "Stephen Harper, your time is up" press conference; and appears to be happening again in 2011 with the Liberals declaring Canadians election ready and pledging to vote against the budget. First EKOS declared the Tories with a 12% lead, and now Ipsos has them with a 14% lead.

This does vindicate the EKOS results, and shows that the Tories might have been too quick with their "don't get too excited about these results" memo. It would appear that EKOS is more accurate than Conservative "internal polling". Personally I think this internal memo that was pounced on by Jane Taber had more to do with Graves excited punditry when the Tories decline in the polls than it was about disputing the results. Never the less, it is encouraging news for partisan Conservatives that more Canadians are again shifting away from the Liberals.

It is very bad news for the Liberal Party that their support collapses every time they seek an election. I don't blame the Tories for sending out orders to curb enthusiasm for a Graves poll, but the bigger story is that the Liberals are bleeding support when they need it the most.


  1. This happens EVERY election and EVERY time the CPOC gets a healthy lead in the pre-election polls; the biased MSM, the establishment left and liberal pollsters all get together to 'rig' the numbers trying to create a little something called "negative momentum".
    With the heightened and exaggerated poll numbers you get the sense of heightened expectations, 'wind in the sails' so to speak; so that when a future perhaps more down to earth poll perhaps shows the CPOC merely ahead not by a such a large margin; you get, they DESPERATELY hope, a little negative 'mo.
    They do this EVERY time.
    Canada's mainstream media are part of the 'establishment left' who try to create the perception that the minority are the majority and the majority are bad, racist, homophobic, mysoginistic, francophobic, religious, Conservative, from Alberta etc.

  2. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me every friggin four years, shame on me.

    I'm in full agreement about polling manipulation by the establishment left.

  3. Iceman, this is just a dream,
    Trusting the media is like trusting the devil himself. you want good news look elsewhere. You want good news to be trashed apart look to the msm.
    The media is working very hard to promote these parties of the future:

    - the liberals ndp and the bloc coalition running canada will turn out to be 'worse' than Egypt.
    -Duceppe a marxist unionist a separatist a briber wants what he wants for himself -fame. which the msm will have to work to give him.
    -Layton a unionist socialist unionist protectionist want to put moratoriums on all tankards, oil sands our economy, higher taxes, implemention of KYOTO etc. A controlled fist.
    the media has to promote Layton at any cost.
    -Liberals, want higher taxes, support the separaties and socialism as they have become one themselves; refusers to return the billions which they still owe canadians; corruption records, and much much more.
    The media has too without a doubt continue supporting the liberals as they have been doing for years.

    The media itself have worsen using the national telvision airwaves to manipulate the public (hugo chavez style media)

    The public, well we have lived in a pipe dream for so long that dangling us with all sorts stories knowing full well that we will never investigate gave the media more power to continue with there malice.
    Sometimes you have to ask yourself "where in the hell was I all those years not to have realized that I was used insulted lied too by the media."

    Can you envision allowing your country canada be runned by: MARXISM, UNIONISTS, SOCIALISTS, THIEVES, PROTECTIONISTS, AND MALICE MSM?
    I can't but there are those who have lived under such regimes to make them want to leave their country for canada.

    God help us all and our country that we never have to face such regimes.