Thursday, February 3, 2011

Harper-Obama Conspiring On Border Security

Oh oh, don't look now but the "Big Bad Wolf" is suddenly being accused of secretly working with American President Barak Obama on a deal for border security, and Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay was quite pissed off about it in Wednesday Question Period. It would appear that the days of the Liberals fawning over the "Big O" are over, and Stephen Harper working with him on Prime Ministerial matters is suddenly evil and wrong. How great that Parliament is back!? I get to watch clowns like Martha Martha Martha proclaim what a detriment it is to our sovereignty to have a Prime Minister and President negotiating a deal on the borders that could provide tremendous benefit to our economy and travellers.

Oh well, it gives me something to write about. Thanks Marcia...I mean Martha...


  1. Still waiting for someone to tell me how the liberals know about all these secret talks. If they know about them how could they be secret. She states it as fact, so why doesn't she spill the beans.

  2. The Star and Travers both have columns about the supposed Border Security deal. Travers says Harper cannot be trusted because of his propensity for secrecy and partisanship. Uh. Last I looked Harper is the PM of Canada and as such has the right and the obligation to deal with the United States on matters affecting the country. Obviously the left wing Star and its uber Left wing columnist believe that the media and of course the Liberal party need to have all the details even before anything has been finalized. It is rather sickening reading Travers daily rants on the government of the day. Can you imagine if the Conservatives win a majority? All hell will break loose at the Star and Travers will begin drinking even more.

  3. Everything about Martha Hall Findlay is greasy,greasy hair and greasy politics.I even noticed yesterday in QP she has now taken to wearing what appears to be a Kuffiya.

  4. Too bad she wouldn't put a little effort into paying back the Canadian Taxpayer what she borrowed to run her liberal leader race.(YEARS AGO!) And means election Canada is full of red-heart liberals, they sure will not ask FOR IT BACK - hoping and praying the liberals get back in power and they will cover up the lost money like they did the adscam money never to be seen again. People like Martha makes you laugh... they are full of morals - but not in their own case. She should be pretty happy, her leader is not meeting with Obama - an American meeting with another American - what would happen there..... Where has all of Martha's love for Obama gone?

  5. The progressives in the ROC live in a bubble and to make things worse, Quebec is a bubble within that bubble. We are a protected nation by the Americans who for decades during the Cold War also protected the Europeans who have disarmed to pay for their statism. Librano$ and Euroweenies adopt a morally superior attitude that we are “honest brokers” on all sides of the geopolitical equation; hence the anti-Americanism that the state owned broadcasters pump out to justify their statist ideas of Big Government that would have been unsustainable long ago had we paid our fair share for security.

    God help us if Martha Who Who and the Librrano$ ever bring their utopianism to power.


  6. Iffy Liberals looking for an election issue,
    Chretien did it with the freetrade deal 18 years ago,
    so they are giving it another shot!

    Thing is, we remember Chretien campaigned against free trade, them once in power, promptly signed the deal.
    we know where the LPC stands on giving the UAE takeover control of our airways....

  7. Let's not forget other promises liberals broke, cancel gst, no wage and price controls. The only promise they kept was cancelling the helicpoter deal that cost us billions of dollars.

  8. Regarding a hidden agenda, could we call Adscam a hidden agenda.

  9. The anti-Americanism of some Liberals has not ended with the election of Obama, it is merely in remission. It is difficult, even for Liberals, to display their true feelings when their own leader is so associated with the US. Some of them would dearly love to rerun the campaigns of Chretien and Martin, the latter so successful. It beats formulating new policies and new appeals for voter support.