Friday, February 11, 2011

"Taking Aim" At Opposition Ridings

With the NDP now "taking aim" at Tory ridings that they think they can win, I would like to start my own equivalent series of posts dedicated towards vulnerable Liberal and NDP seats that the Tories could win. But unlike the Dippers, I would like to use more politically correct (if even sarcastic) language than "taking aim". Unlike Jack Layton, I listened to Obama's speech on political civility. What do you think I should name this series of posts exposing weak opposition ridings? I am after all, a quasi expert in electoral math.

What should I call the series? Through the looking glass? Purpose direction? Point reason? Anything but the dirty politics of "taking aim".


  1. Making crime pay, become a Liberal/Dipper!
    Sarc on.

  2. Bull-Doggin' Dippers or Lassoin'Libs at the CPC round-up corral

  3. With all the flipflopping going on with iggy, how about just putting a pair of flipflops on those ridings and say, do as iggy does, flipflop to PMSH.