Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BC's 1 Week Per Year Legislature

British Columbia's legislature has been empty for well over 200 days, now coming back for a week before going back into recess. It is ridiculous that these MLA's get paid a full salary to spend virtually no time doing what they were elected to do. The left jumped on Stephen Harper for proroguing federal parliament by a month, but could you imagine the outrage if he cancelled entire sittings of the legislature? Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell has done that more than once. Next to the carbon tax, it is his one policy that I disagree with the most, these long extended absences of the legislature.

And can I just say to anyone voting in the upcoming leadership race to replace Gordon, please anybody but Christy. I'd rather vote Green than vote for Christy. I reluctantly voted Liberal in 2009. Gord was the lesser of two evils. But if it is Christy Clark, I'm moving to a riding where the BC Conservative Party is running a candidate. They did not run a candidate in my riding last time. It was Liberal, NDP, or Green. I would have been better off just urinating on my ballot...


  1. I am with you re Christie Clark. I live in Falcons riding and have met with him a few times, most recently to discuss the Carbon Tax and AGW position of the BC Libs.

    Falcon is not an AGW koolaid drinker, and he did a good job in transportion.

    Common sense guy, if I could vote I'd vote for him.

  2. As bad as Christie will be it is still better than the NDP. I fear Falcon would lose. BC is/has swung left and is ungovernable really. BC voters are simpletons who want lots of government goodies but do not want to pay for it at all. It will never change.