Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tories Riding High In Polls

Polling results can very often be cyclical, but it would appear that multiple polls now confirm the Tories with a significant lead. Perhaps the Liberals need to increase their advertising budget, but right now public opinion is not on their side. They were in full assault mode from the moment that this Kairos-Oda "not" story hit the news, suggesting that this was in part a co-ordinated pre-planned effort. The alleged transgression took place in 2009. Interesting that this is the big story at this specific moment in time. The timeline interests me.

How often do these over-exaggerations actually shift polling trends? Right now the Tories are bordering on majority territory. I can't say that I can predict if any of the 15%-30% who are paying attention might actually defect from the Tories if at all over this clown show. Based on my own traffic I suspect that more people are paying attention, but I can't make any statistical conclusion as of yet.


  1. They were in full assault mode from the moment that this Kairos-Oda "not" story hit the news, suggesting that this was in part a co-ordinated pre-planned effort.

    Interesting. That was exactly what my husband said tonight.

  2. And because of their assault, we know know that this group supports terrorists, kyoto, is against AB oilsands, is anti israel, has supported anti demonstrations and so much more. Things they probably thought we would never find out. We know that Bev was out of the country and her signature was done by electric pen and a date stamp was used. We know that she was against said funding, and CIDA knew it, but ignored it. We know that liberal will call any conservative a liar, accuse them of forgery, fraud etc without proof. We know liberal are against conservative female cabinet ministers.
    We know they are demanding her firing, but if the PM did, we know they would run to her defense and say she didn't deserve it. We also know Giles will form a coalition with them if necessary and we know that Kairos would get their funding back, Kelona, Kyoto, they would raise taxes.
    I wonder if whoever planned this attack thought of this, bet not. And, women are coming to our side.

  3. They have been trying to bring down the Conservatives since five years ago. So not surprising what the liberals and their cohorts would go to ruin the conservatives chances to regain government.

    The liberals "soldiers in the streets" scare tactics scared a lot of people.

    The liberals are scared that the PM did an excellent job on the economy.
    So, the next liberal scare tactics will be

    The liberal plan is far better many canadians will run to the polls to vote for it:

    Vote for 'high taxes, protectionism, moratorium, marxism, socialist and of corrupt liberal party.

    Gee, I am busting my brains which one is better.

    Oh! I forgot vote for CAROLYN BENNETT who said that all 'stay home moms looking after their young children, their children will probably grow up to be criminals.

    Where is the media to take her on this-they can't, all national media belong and speak for only for the liberals and their news pals in coalition-NDP, BLOC.

  4. I agree iceman, this was a planned attack by the Liberal MSM. Where is a mole when you need one?

  5. Sorry folks, but this one is one too many. I've bent over backwards trying to justify the Conservatives disdain for parliamentary institutions, for their obvious lies, and for their constant spin doctoring. The Liberals under Chretien were masters at it, and the Conservatives have followed suit. Two wrongs don't make a right. I believe in parliamentary democracy, not an imperialistic cabal situated in the PMO. This MP lied, and it's obvious she lied. As Rex Murphy and the panel on AT Issue all said tonight: all Ms. Oda had to do was tell everyone that she turned down the submittal because Kairos does not represent the values of the Conservative Party. There was no need to hide anything. Next election it will be spoiled ballot time.

  6. When have you ever seen the At issue panel support this conservative government Powell Lucas. Give me a break! You must be a Liberal if you believe the CBC is telling the truth.

  7. These polls, and Liberals sidetracking themselves over Oda, convince me even more that they will cave on the budget. If they were serious about forcing an election, they would have kept hammering away on their main narratives about planes, prisons, learning, elder care and corporate taxes.

    They had Iggy blasting away in QP for weeks on those issues, combined with their ads. And now they abandon that strategy for a whole week over Oda ??? It doesn't make sense to me. My conclusion is that they've given up on fighting an election this spring.

    As Diefenbaker said: "when you are hunting for bear, you don't get sidetracked by rabbit tracks". The Libs have given up hunting for the bear.

    Calgary Junkie