Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gore Recruits Olbermann

It's funny, for as plugged in as I am to the politics of the day, I did not realize that Al Gore had his own cable channel. Now it would appear that the king of climate change is recruiting Keith Olbermann to be his new voice. Keith you might know was released from his job at the left leaning MSNBC, and is now looking for work. Enter Al Gore.

I would write more on this subject, but Rex Murphy has already composed a beautiful piece on the Gore-Olbermann marriage. It is a must read.


  1. If you are not familiar, you'll love this one.....

    Gore's Current is the former basketcase we knew as CBC International.

    Gore purchased it for dirt cheap a number (4-5??) of years ago.


  2. Anon, you beat me to it re algore buying the cbc basketcase. Did the money go into govt coffers, as we own the cbc, or did it go for expenses that the cbc refuses to disclose, or for wage increases for The Peter. Maybe they used it to hire Kady.

  3. Ice

    You can be excused for not knowing anything about Current TV being as how it's only picked up in 23,000 American homes.

  4. The Mutt and Jeff TV Network. I guess misery really does love company.

    For those of you too young to remember, Mutt and Jeff were a couple of witless comic strip characters.

  5. Rex Murphy is a national treasure..