Thursday, February 24, 2011

Majority Of Canadians Agree With Increased Prison Spending/Capacity?

When the Liberal Party decided to attack the Tory plan to spend more money to expand our prison capacity, did they take the time to do any polling on the matter? If they did, it would appear that they only polled their own caucus, rather than a random sample of Canadians. A new poll finds that 57% of Canadians find this initiative to be worthwhile. This article was one of the most popular at the National Post on Wednesday, but I can't find any mention of the poll at the Globe and Mail's politics page. I suppose it doesn't fit Jane Taber's agenda, and the paper brags that clown sets their agenda. When we find out that the majority of the country support a Tory initiative that the Libs are attacking, shouldn't that be news Jane? They have links to 3 different Bev Oda articles, but at least they have fallen to the bottom of the page. (disclaimer: this will be posted at 1pm, but was written at 2am after getting home from work, just incase the Globe Posts a story on this subject while I am sleeping.)

We are seeing part of why the Tories have been doing so well in the polls. The Liberals are out of touch with Canadian priorities, which makes sense considering Iggy is still busy learning how to be a Canadian. He has to make up for 30 lost years, and is struggling.

PS: I should apologize to real clowns for comparing  them to Taber. What they do is much more dignified, and they wear much less make-up on TV...


  1. I am willing to bet if all Canadians of voting age were to take a non-partisan political spectrum test, you will find Canadians would have an 80% or higher small c-conservative political profile.


  2. Did you hear that CTV all news channel is looking to change to a news opinion channel.

    I guess Oliver and Taber will have a major spot.

  3. The CPC are in touch with the priorities of Canadians and success at the ballot and fundraising proves it.

    The CPC are 5/7 since 2006 in by elections. They are out funding and outworking the opposition who spend their time name calling and verbally abusing the female conservatives across the aisle.

    The MSM is recycling the war room talking points trying to create a controversy where none exists.

    The next general election will see three old white men retire from their leadership roles. Our PM will be enjoying his well deserved majority and Canada stands tall.