Monday, February 28, 2011

British Columbia Needs Our Own Wildrose Party

As a voter in British Columbia, I am tired of voting for a party that I don't like simply because the alternative is the NDP. After the carbon tax I was disgusted and wanted to change my vote but was only offered 2 alternatives on my ballot, NDP and Green. The HST was just the nail in the coffin. This province has a significant amount of right wing voters who vote BC Liberal because they are afraid of the NDP, and with good reason. If you listened to talk radio after the 2009 election (sorry I stopped listening to Christy's show after her first week), many callers were calling it the "none of the above" election. They weren't voting for the Liberals, they were voting against the NDP.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to do that anymore. BC needs its own Wildrose, and really the only viable option is the BC Conservative Party. Unless someone is willing to resurrect Social Credit, we need to start supporting and promoting the BC Conservatives. If that means one term of the NDP, so be it, at this point I'm willing to accept short term pain for long term gain. I'm done with the BC Liberal Party. So all you people saying "don't vote BC Conservative because you will elect the NDP", I will quote the wise philosopher The Rock who said "know your role and shut your mouth." I voted Liberal and I got a carbon tax and the HST. I'm not voting for that party again.


  1. Iceman, Don't buy into the HST bs. It is actually good for the province and eliminates one complete tax collecting bureaucracy. The only winners if the BC Conservative Party starts up is the NDP, who will dance their way to electoral victory. History show that whenever the vote is split between non-NDP parties, NDP wins.

    Remember the NDP in the 1990s, when the world boomed, but BC floundered. The poor weer worse off as well as everyone else. We know that the NDP love the poor because they create so many more of them when they rule.

  2. We DO need a "Wild Rose" type of Party in B.C., but finding a leader who cares to enter the low paid fray of politics is not easy. We usually get stuck with another pretender with their own agenda,such as creating a theocracy or a Green welfare state.

    I went to the BC Conservative Party link and couldn't find the name of the current leader,so I guess there isn't one.

    So, we can make a choice again, Christy Clark the ultra-Liberal,or the New Democratic-Communist Party of B.C.,led by whomever gets enough support from the other communists in this Province.

    If Clark is anywhere to the Right of the NDP, we might as well vote for the Liberals. In the 1990's, under the NDP, we suffered a recession you latecomers to this Province wouldn't believe. And this was while the rest of Canada and the U.S. were in the midst of a huge building boom.

    We CANNOT allow the NDP in for even ONE term,as they'll destroy the business climate here just as they did back in the 90's.

    I'll support the Conservatives,but only if they can find a decent leader who's politically savvy enough to present a platform that will get them some seats, and hope they can be a spoiler that keeps both the other Parties from a majority.

    Maybe a leader who understands economics,that'd be a delightful change.


  3. You express my thoughts. As for the BC Conservatives they were not able to run candidates in all ridings, so my choice was BC Liberal, BC NDP, or Green. I held my nose and voted Liberal, but the carbon tax and later the HST were the last straw. I know the claim that the HST is good for the economy, but such a claim is missing the main point. The point that we were blatantly and arrogantly lied to, and I have had enough of that. I would love to see a BC Party with a similar outlook and platform as the Wild Rose Party. I would prefer the name BC Party rather than a party name tied to any of the old parties.

  4. Speaking for myself from Alberta I have supported the Alliance now known as the WRA for the last 3 provincial elections. That gives me 1 conservative party to vote for in Canada. The CINO CPC under Harper has been making noises about doing a conservative thing or two ever since they stuck the knife into Preston Manning`s back thus ending the Reform Party but have failed to do so, meaning we have been virtually without a conservative voice since then in Canadian federal politics. Sadly that leaves BC with no conservative option in any of their elections. Could it be that is why BC is known Canada wide as The Left Coast?

  5. "When our members select a new leader on May 28 at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel in Surrey, they will know how their vote is counted before they join our party," says Wayne McGrath, BC Conservative Party President.


  7. "Christy Clark's election as Liberal leader marks the end of the B.C. Liberal Party as the brand under which free-enterprise voters can unite," says Keith Roy, Official Spokesperson of the BC Conservative Party. "For three straight elections, centre and centre-right voters were united behind the leadership of Premier Campbell. With Christy Clark as the new Liberal leader, this coalition is now over."

  8. The Abbotsford MP of 13 years is promoting the B.C. Conservative Party in the riding that was the longtime turf for the “Reform Party Pit Bull,” as he was dubbed in the national media.

    “They dragged me out of retirement,” he said in a phone interview from Qualicum Beach.

    It wasn’t difficult for the Conservatives to recruit Randy White because, for what he believes was the first time in his life, he chose not to vote in the last provincial election.

    “Because I had nothing to vote for,” he said.

    White attended a meeting of the B.C. Conservative Party, and agreed to help in an advisory capacity. He is just one of the political heavy hitters involved with the resurgent party, joined by former B.C. premier Rita Johnston, former Newfoundland premier Brian Peckford, and present Delta MP John Cummins.

  9. The BC First Party is the only party that will stand for the people of British Columbia. Will not work for the special interest only the interests of British Columbians. It is the party that carries the spirit of reform while making sure keeping to the WAC dream of a BC Advantage. Check out BC First