Saturday, February 5, 2011

CBC Goes To Cairo

I'm curious, exactly how many different teams has the CBC sent to Cairo? There are at least two, possibly more, and while the CTV is doing its coverage from secret hotel rooms, the CBC people are out in the streets getting roughed up by pro Mubarak protesters. I can see the CBC sending a journalist and a cameraman, but at this rate they will be doing every news show from Cairo by next week! Why not send Mansbridge, Soloman, Lang, O'Leary, and every CBC television personality to Egypt at tax payers expense? The "Connect" dude does not need to be over there. How much is it costing for Mark Kelley to do his show from Cairo? Granted, given what the CBC pays its unionized employees in Canada, they might even save money sending a small team abroad. You can have one massive team in Canada, or a skeleton crew in Cairo. I really wish the CBC would publish how much their news shows cost to make.

I am following the story and I like that there are Canadian journalists over there, but when I saw Kelley doing Connect from Cairo, I said "what the f**k?"


  1. Good luck with getting the costs and expenses from the CBC.

  2. oh quit your whining and bask in the glow of your government spending shitloads of cash on promoting their action plan with expensive signage.

    That's ok though eh.

  3. Anony,

    You have a crush on Mansbridge?

    Check the hansard from 2009-2011, it might come as a shock the Liberals have voted, left the building the MOST to keep the Conservative agenda moving forward and not risk election.

    The Layton led Democrats have voted one time in Fall 2009.

    It appears the Bloc are interested in passing some law and order legislation in 2011.

    Direct your anger to the divided coalition partners who can't stay on the same script for more than a few weeks at a time.

  4. I thought the CBC already had a mole over there in the person of Avi Lewis!

  5. CBC went to Cairo to talk about Cairo or about 'Muslim Brotherhood'

    It is really amazing how CBC speaks about another country they know nothing about yet can't promote their own country Canada.

    Like CBC demonstrated many a times, they do not like to speak about Canada in a positive way.

    Remeber, the Taliban like listening to CBC since CBC has made it obvious to them.

  6. I actually want to know as much as possible as soon as possible. I wouldn't want to be there myself.

    Why are the Journos hated so much???? They don't spend enough time on this question. The cameras are preventing a bloodbath, I'm sure of it. You would think the pro-democracy people would welcome them. So what is it? Shame? Anti-west? Anti-technology? What?