Thursday, February 17, 2011

Parliamentary Civility Great While It Lasted

The Liberals in Question Period this week have been eerily similar to a pack of rabid dogs. It would appear that our new era of Parliamentary civility has come to an end, just a few weeks after Obama's civility in politics speech. Too bad Martha Hall Findlay, weren't you demanding civility in politics not so long ago when the Tories launched a marketing campaign after Liberals vowed to force an election? Now we get the Prime Minister standing up to announce a royal visit, and the Liberals go bananas within seconds. Any Tory who stands up to talk about anything faces a volley of cat calls and outlandish screams before they can finish a sentence.

Minority parliament in Canada is unstable at the best of times. I think we need a new mandate. I would love to see the opposition collapse the government on the Oda matter. Good luck with that one guys.


  1. I am sickened by the pile on over the word NOT inserted on a memo. It appears to me that Peter Milliken is working with his Liberals to destroy this minister. I do not believe his judgement is non partisan on this issue.
    His handling of question period was disgusting yesterday and has obviously hoping his Liberal friends will cover up for him in the history books of speakers.

  2. the collaspe of this country will be in the hands of the OP. TSX at its highest will dramatically fall.
    Under the protectionism act by the OP, tons of businesses will leave this nation.

    GST, COOPERATE TAXES will rise.

    What we have today will be gone enjoy what have now before the three dictators take over the country.
    The Marxist (duceppe)
    Socialist (Layton)
    Corrupt party (liberals)

    No sane country in the world would dare wish to call on election when they economy is at its very best.
    We have had a trying times during the recession and are comming out the best in the world unfortunately for some this not 'good' news and would rather return to the 'dark' years of corruption.
    Once canada falls into the hands of the coalition there will be no chance in hell returning to where we are today nor will be considered best in anything but face hard times like other countries that are still experiencing today.

    Bev Oda is not going to be the last, there are many other who were and will be hounded down by 'the rabid dogs' then when that is done. All is done not for the better but for the worse.
    Enjoy the 'freedom' we have now because it will be gone. Ask any immigrant who experienced hell in their country of birth.

    God Bless our Canada.

  3. "I am sickened by the pile on over the word NOT inserted on a memo." Its time for you and friends to realize the seriousness of the situation. Do you want to know what I'm sickened by?? A Cabinet minister who misled Parliament by lying to fellow MPs in a committee and inserted the word after everyone had signed the document (which is the same as if someone wrote me a cheque and I altered the amount before I cashed it). The government and the minister have the right to make any decision they want but Oda should resign or be fired because of how she made this decision. And what makes it even better is that Harper is willing to keep Oda in Cabinet and caucus after this entire mess, but cut Helena Guergis before the story got any legs at all. My prediction is that Oda will NOT be a Minister by the end of next week. Let's wait and see.....

  4. Watched CTV last night re Odagate,
    they flash a document with a red circle around a word, and blah allegations blah CIDA blah......
    flash a pic meant to degrade Minister Oda, and blah blah blah...
    NOT a captivating story, it's an eye roller with too much blah blah blah in the explaination


    who were the 12 Liberal candidates who received envelopes stuffed with stolen taxpayers cash?

    Liberal bagman Cote confessed to handing out $120k to these Liberals, yet no Liberals leader with expose them.

    And where is the stolen $40 million?
    Why won't Liberals come clean on what Liberal pockets that money went into?

    Now compare that to inserting a NOT in a submission for a LibDip anti-govt activist group having their funding rejected.

    We don't need no high and mighty Liberals lecturing us on right and wrong.

  6. A "Womans" prospective....Liberals read it and cry, cry, cry...

  7. Wilson,

    Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. Why don't you ask former Progressive Conservative PM Mulroney and his business associate Mr. Schreiber? Oh and by the way, I love how any time you and your Conservative friends are debating any issue concerning the Liberals and the Conservatives, you guys always bring up the sponsorship scandal. How about you come up with some new material?

    Also, I would love it if you could provide some sources for the information that you listed in your post because in my opinion you are just pulling these so called "facts" out of thin air. If you can't or won't, I will just assume everything you listed above is false.

    Finally, I wasn't lecturing you on what's right and wrong, I was pointing out the flaw in Fay's and Iceman's thinking.

  8. She didn't lie. She originally said that CIDA reviewed the request and found it wanting (or words to that effect) and denied the funding.

    According ti the Financial Administration Act, signing authority for expenditures lies with the Minister. Therefore, when it comes to authorizing spending, the Minister IS CIDA. The bureaucrats can make recomdenations 'til the cows come home, but at the end of the day the decision rests with the minister.

    So LIBERALSSUCK, I mean LIEBERALSRULE you will have to do better than that.

  9. A letter to Don Martin
    I thought that was a rather disgraceful exhibition on Power Play by Travers and Robert Fife on Wednesday, to celebrate the unflattering and tasteless picture, that Canadian Press captured and circulated to all the news media of Bev Oda and the cigarette, which they guaranteed would be carried and shown all over by their professional ( using term very loosely) brethren – doesn’t say much for our media does it as it sinks to another low?
    For Travers and Fife to make light of this disgusting act, and their ensuing guffaws, should raise the ire of women across Canada, for this juveniler treatment and intrusion of a private moment. To think that 24 hours earlier, both Travis and Fife were lecturing politicians about tasteless and vulgar personal attacks, and that they had no place in a civilized society( do we recall the picture of Chretien that was condemned by these same two individuals), yet in this case they applauded, if not cherished, this disgraceful act. They can not deny that they were amused and relished this offensive photo and its’ resulting publicity, which they helped contribute to. Are we to assume that journalist have a different standard and code of ethics which may be even worse than that of politicians – or are these two an exception to the rule? I will believe, they are the exception, when I hear some of their brethern condemn them for their disgraceful actions, or that they sincerely apologize to all Canadians and women in particular, or preferably both.
    Any journalist worth his salt would have condemned and despised this act of yellow journalism.
    I am reminded of the old saying “I hear the laughter of the vacant minds”
    Does CTV and Power Play owe their viewers an apology – you decide?

  10. This isn't lying Anonymous??

    We obviously have different definitions of lying. In my opinion, lying is not telling the truth. What's yours?

  11. na na you got a liberal troll heheheh

    I suppose its badge of honor really. Nice work.

  12. @ wilson...

    Forget that $40 million, it's long gone.
    Just before we found out how much was missing..

    ..Chretien promoted Alphonse to Ambassador
    ..Alphonse made numerous trips to his new post in Europe
    ..Ambassador's luggage is exempt from inspection
    ..Alphonse retired to his 200 acre winnery

    Like I said it's long gone.

  13. Vile, disgusting, co-ordinated smears is all the Lib/Separatist/Media alliance have got going for them. Repulsive, contrived, bullying tactics from the coalition and the media has become the norm. This is just the beginning of what will be one of the ugliest, grotesque, elections ever witnessed. Sad.