Sunday, February 13, 2011

Duceppe's 95% Approval Rating

Every so often the Bloc Quebecois holds a convention (likely paid for with vote subsidy money), and the most recent gathering produced a 95% approval rating for Gilles Duceppe. Well done Gilles, I thought you were in trouble after you were "blocked" from taking over control of the Parti Quebecois not so long ago, but evidently the separatists in Quebec support him running the Bloc. One has to wonder if the same people who voted confidence in his federal leadership are the same people who wanted Pauline Marois to run the PQ, the main engine of Quebec separation?

It should be noted that the Liberal Party is not holding conventions to allow the rank and file to vote on leadership approval. In fact, the Liberal Party never elected Iggy into party leadership. The last time Iggy went to Liberals for a mandate, he lost to the Stephane Dion juggernaut. In 2009 shortly after Ignatieff's coup the Liberals met in Vancouver for a party convention where they could have voted on their leadership, but instead decided to hold a coronation party with no leadership review or vote. What were they afraid of?


  1. It is amazing that the Liberal Party of Canada hasn't really held an actual vote on the leadership in 5 years.

  2. It is not just the bloc quebec party that loves Duceppe. The whole population love the guy because it is him that continues to get quebecers their free ride on the back of the "real" Canadian taxpayers. Mainly Alberta.

    Rob C

  3. harrumpf! - still not as good as a Sadam Hussein 99.99% referendum.

    Agent Smith