Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Would Make The Best Prime Minister? Iggy Scores 13.6%

In a recent poll by Nanos, when Canadians were asked who would make the best Prime Minister, Iggy scored a miserable 13.6%. Stephane Dion was popular by comparison. All that money spent on those country tours, all that crying wolf over faux controversies, and what has that delivered for the Liberal leader? Not much. In fact, it seems to have hurt. Better to keep Ignatieff indoors, away from ordinary Canadians and TV cameras, because he has been doing himself more harm than good.

Nanos has the Tories at nearly 40%, but admits that his poll did not include much if any of the Odagate time frame. The polls can't get much higher than this. I fully expect at least a 4% retraction in the next round of post Oda polling, but that these numbers will eventually recover. The left basically ran a blitzkrieg that should have short term gain without long term legs. There is no way Peter Miliken can rule her in contempt.


  1. I think it is incumbent on Miliken TO find her in contempt. Just because you support the party how can you support such blatant and inexcusable contempt for the parliamentary system? Personally, I have nothing against Oda changing the ruling from CIDA. That's her prerogative. But to lie about it so many times and to play this off as if it was somehow the decision of CIDA is categorically and unquestionably wrong.

    How can, given what has happened, the Conservatives continue to tout themselves as the party of accountability. They are, after all, the ones who took the teeth out of Canada's own ethics legislation by stripping away the possibility to prosecute ethics violations from the law books.

    If you actually proclaim to care about democracy, you cannot support this Prime Ministers stand on the Bevoda affair. I agree that many of the controversies from the past were faux ones, but this time it is serious.

  2. Are you kidding me PC.

    Please READ the Hansard and come back and tell me where she lied!!!!!!!!

    You have allowed yourself to fall for the spin.. rather than think for yourself!!

  3. PC, give us some facts, when did she lie? I agree with Alberta Girl, try thinking instead of posting false statements.

  4. ProgressCanada says;
    ''(Harper govt) the ones who took the teeth out of Canada's own ethics legislation by stripping away the possibility to prosecute ethics violations from the law books...''

    You must be confused,
    Harper has a minority,
    the only way that could happen is if the 'progressive opposition' allowed or made it happen.

    The Federal Accountability Act was watered down by the Progressive Opposition,
    not the government.

  5. From the kangaroo court committee...what the Liberal media don't want you to know:
    This was Margaret Biggs testemony

    "Yes, I think as the minister said, the agency did recommend the project to the minister. She has indicated that. But it was her decision, after due consideration, to not accept the department’s advice.

    This is quite normal, and I certainly was aware of her decision. The inclusion of the word “not” is just a simple reflection of what her decision was, and she has been clear. So that’s quite normal.

    I think we have changed the format for these memos so the minister has a much clearer place to put where she doesn’t want to accept the advice, which is her perogative."

    Margaret Biggs says there’s no “forgery” case so how can anyone construct one without either her or the other signatory, Naresh Singh?

    A CIDA official called KAIROS
    Nov 30, 2009, and said," sorry, your project does not meet CIDA's priorities."

    When Minister Oda said the same thing 2 months later,
    she's called a liar.

  6. "Progress" definition;
    Movement, as toward a goal; advance.

    Or perhaps READ further? Don't stop or if you do stop, admit that you have stopped and have no intention of researching further evidence.

    Now, in the case of a defence or prosecuting attorney, that is the acceptable norm but in most circumstances and a normal, civilized society, ALL evidence is researched and weighed. That is "Progress".

  7. -What evidence does Milliken have that Minister Oda did know who wrote in the NOT?

    Later clarifiying that she ordered a staffer to do it, is not evidence she knew the name of the staffer who wrote in NOT.
    And that was the question that was asked.

    -Misleading the House,
    CIDA official is looking at the rejection, sees the bureaucrats approved the funding,Oda rejected,
    then calls KAIROS (Nov 30, 2009)and tells them:
    -"program did not fit CIDA’s priorities".
    Get that?
    CIDA = Bev Oda, not the bureaucrats.

    5 months later:
    April 23, 2010
    Oda writes "The CIDA decision not to continue funding KAIROS was based on ....

    CIDA = Bev Oda,
    as per phone call to KAIROS Nov 30, 2009 CIDA official said so.
    Not misleading when either said it.

    -Falsifying documents?,
    CIDA President Margaret Biggs testified that inserting the NOT was 'normal',
    and the memos have since been altered to allow a Minister a place to reject the funding.

    Milliken must also have 'evidence' of intent,
    intent to mislead, intent to lie, intent to falsify documents

  8. Back to the subject of the post, Iffy is a dud, last choice for Prime Minister.

    'Iggy scored a miserable 13.6%'
    that's where Dion's numbers were during the coalition of losers disaster.

    Just before the 2006 election win, Harpers best PM numbers were well above the party numbers,
    he pulled the party up during the campaign.

    Keep that in mind all you Progressives who want to steam roll ahead with an election.
    Iffy could drag the LPC lower yet.

  9. ProgressCanad writes:
    "I agree that many of the controversies from the past were faux ones, but this time it is serious."

    Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

  10. Yup this one is a "real" controversy as opposed to all the "fake" controversies over the last 5 years. Right, where are the facts to support that?
    Only on the Planet the Liberals and their Media lapdogs come from could defunding a group that spends the bulk of it's funds on itself be a "controversy".
    Keep going Minister Oda defund a whole bunch more rent seekers.
    Kick 'em to the curb!
    Cheers Bubba

  11. Ms Oda is innocent and will be proven innocent... Poor woman, I feel sorry for her, the media all but strung her up using their vigilante justice. What was this over? a informal office memo? A memorandum is not a contract or a document, a memorandum is a informal way to pass on a message throughout the office.

    All them lies and not one media retraction!


  12. The MSM once again proves itself and its (journalists)?? for lack of a better word and absolute yellow journalists are lower then a snakes belly.
    We all know who they are!

    E Mac

  13. The question I have is: "how nervous are the nervous nellies in the Lib caucus ?"

    At this point it's hard to quantify that. Iggy hasn't done anything substantive to boost their confidence in him. And as politicians, they must know that Harper (and Jack) will play up their leadership handicap during an election campaign.

    Like I said before, the Alberta PCs saw that Stelmach was an anchor for the Party, and so they found a way to force him out. It is easy to visualize Danielle Smith running circles around hapless Ed during a leadership debate.

    I conclude that the Party-Leadership gap is a very important consideration for a caucus. Yet the Lib MPs seem contnent to follow Iggy over the cliff.

    The only thing I can figure, is that the Lib MPs think Iggy will out-debate Harper. What they miss, is that their diletantte doesn't know the federal files nearly as well as policy wonk Harper.

    Calgary Junkie

  14. There's no one to replace Iffy.
    If there was, he would have been forced to 'see the light'.

    Bob Rae wants to lead a united left, not a broken down LPC.