Friday, February 11, 2011

Transexual Rights

Today's poll question; should transsexual men be allowed to use women's washrooms and change rooms? The opposition parties just narrowly passed a bill on transgender rights that forbids any form discrimination, which would theoretically include public washroom selection (according to CTV news). I believe that all Canadians should be protected from discrimination regardless of gender, age, race, or creed. But I do believe that if you have a penis, you should be using the men's room. Is that discrimination? Not in my book, but if a dude wearing women's clothing were prevented from using a men's room, that would be discrimination.

I support gay rights on a number of issues, be it hazing, marriage, even adoption. Homosexual people already have substantial protection and rights under the law, which I support. I even wore my only purple sweater to work on Ellen's gay hazing awareness day. But trannies using womens change rooms is a bridge too far. I don't think this opposition legislation is necessary, as discrimination is currently illegal.

Sorry guys, I have to close this post to comments. I have to work and can't be at my computer to delete any random anonymous comments that could get me sued. I trust 95% of you to have a rational non-libelous opinion, but in this particular case, I have to beware of the fringes. You may express your opinion in the poll question. If you have a valuable opinion that you would like to share, send me an e-mail and I will post it as an update to the post when I am not sleeping or at work.